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1-Rx-Store.com ensures that its customers get high-quality generic medications in a timely and secure manner. Although the prices are low, is this a reliable source for prescription drugs? The more we examine the services provided by this drugstore, the more we realize how much they are neglecting their customers.

Domain Info
Registration Date2021-02-08
Business Info
NameOnline Pharmacy
Phone NumbersUS: +1-800-715-5341
EU: +44-203-318-5981
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Business Background

Personal and commercial information about the owner and the organization’s identity and physical location are all kept secure by an online privacy service provider. Given that the pharmacy provides a post office box as a postal address, it may be located in the United States like many other fraudulent pharmacies. It was difficult for us to contact them since their phone lines and live chat options were both unavailable.


Product Pricing

Their most popular medicines are available at the lowest possible price, roughly the same as the price of other online rogue pharmacies. This is the most obvious evidence that they operate as a rogue pharmacy.


Despite claiming that the Indian FDA has authorized these pharmaceuticals, they do not present any quality control certifications from the FDA or an equivalent. They are giving attractive discounts and incentives to both new and returning clients.

Regulatory Approval

There are no regulatory seals displayed to demonstrate that the pharmacy complies with certain standards of behavior. This might be a clue that they aren’t functioning lawfully in the nation where their headquarters are situated or where they sell their items available for purchase or distribution.


Payment & Shipping

Payment options available on the drugstore’s website include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and E-Checks. They also provide a money-back promise to customers who are dissatisfied with their purchase. A legal SSL certificate does not protect users’ data on a website or during checkout from a supplier such as McAfee, GeoTrust, or other similar organizations.

checkout page

The pharmacy provides two delivery options: Express Mail Service (EMS) and Airmail. In most cases, Airmail and EMS shipping periods range from 2 to 4 business weeks and 5 to 7 business days, respectively (see chart below).


Airmail does not offer parcel tracking services; nevertheless, EMS provides a comprehensive tracking service for all orders placed via their system. Shipments are delivered within 24 hours after payment acceptance and are wrapped in an unobtrusive manner.


There are various kinds of tablets available for purchase at this establishment, all at a reasonable price.


Even though the company appears to be primarily focused on the men’s health market, it also sells a wide range of other therapies, including:

  • Anti-anxiety drugs are prescribed by doctors
  • Treatments for hair loss are available
  • Antibiotics for the treatment of chronic pain

A few bits of information are missing from the different product pages. In their advertisements, they give no indication of where their medications are obtained or even who the medication’s manufacturer is. One may be led to assume that the pills they are giving are of poor quality as a result of the lack of information they provide.


On the other hand, the website asserts that it only sells generic medications of the highest possible quality. After all, if the drugs are of such high quality, why wouldn’t the pharmaceutical company be prepared to reveal the location of their production plant to us?

When asked, reputable pharmacies would not hesitate to disclose information on the medication’s manufacturers and the area from where the drugs are being distributed. We have grounds to assume that the worst is about to happen since this pharmacy isn’t telling us where the pills are being distributed.

Similar Websites

The connection between 1-Rx-Shop.com and other pharmacy websites is self-evident. As a means of distancing themselves from the bogus site, they may argue that the similarities in their domain names are just coincidental. They cannot construct a persuasive argument since the two systems share so much more than simply their outer appearance.

As an illustration, consider the following examples:

Customer Testimonials

The site has a dedicated place for testimonials where you can see them. Although most of the reviews that are on the site are good ones ranging from four to five stars, customers still need to look for other places where there are legit customer reviews. The site filters good and bad reviews, which is why you can only see good reviews on the main testimonial page. 

may be fake

Final Verdict

This pharmacy has been a terrible waste of time and money because of a lack of regulation, fake business statistics, and no actual customer feedback. Using a duplicate website design, they are likewise promoting their products. We rate it one star since it’s not a legitimate website. Is this a legitimate company or a scam? This drugstore is more likely to fall into the latter category for obvious reasons.

There are better alternatives available.

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