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It’s disappointing that the shift in commercial activity from storefronts to the net has made it very difficult to distinguish between legitimate and unscrupulous companies. That’s what the majority of notorious web enterprises rely on. Numerous online businesses, such as 24h-DrugsStore.com, exist primarily to generate money and are unconcerned with the product quality or buyers’ health.

Domain Info
Registration Date2017-04-28
Business Info
NameOnline Pharmacy
Phone NumbersUS: +1-800-715-5341
EU: +44-203-318-5981
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Name

According to the domain data, this online pharmacy has been operating for more than four years. Its registration date in the United States is 2017-04-28. which is typically longer than most of the online stores we examine, suggesting that they are probably a fraud.


Furthermore, there has been no data in the system regarding who manages this shop. Rather, these facts were suppressed using a virtual private network. While it’s not advisable, that is something that legitimate enterprises do occasionally, so it shouldn’t be taken as proof that this store is a scam.

Business Profile

According to Europharm Group Inc.’s contact page, this pharmacy is owned and run by them. While this may appear to be positive and encouraging, it is not. We’ve encountered this company name previously, as well as their location in the Czech Republic, but it doesn’t appear to be legitimate. We have shown no evidence that this company is actually working from its current location, and there are no formal government documents to back this up.


Legal Approval by Regulatory Bodies

There are no regulatory certifications on the pharmacy’s sites. This is exactly what we would anticipate from a credible pharmacy, so the absence of accreditation is alarming.


Absent regulatory approval, the drugstore is more likely to offer medications from illegitimate suppliers. Also, if a pharmacy is ready to disregard standards established to keep consumers secure, are you sure you want to give them your account information?

Medicines for Sale

The medicines for sale to the public are less expensive than those found in a traditional drugstore. Even though this is a positive thing, you must still take precautions. As an example, the pharmacy supplies generic products but does not provide information about who made them. It’s not ideal and might indicate that the medications are from questionable suppliers.

There were horrible stories of medicines being made in people’s back alleys in third-world nations, and there’s really no way of verifying if that’s the case here.


The business appears to specialize in selling male health tablets, but there are other treatment alternatives offered, including:

  • Treatments for depression
  • Cholesterol-lowering medication
  • Antibiotics

Not only do we not know who made the pills, but we also have no idea where they are distributed.

Payment Method

If you make the hasty decision to purchase from this drugstore, you will be redirected to a separate website to finish the process. The website is secure, and you may pay using any of the following methods: Bitcoin, Mastercard, and Visa.

payment methods


There are two options for the shipment of goods from this pharmacy: airmail or EMS. Airmail is the lower but less expensive alternative, costing $14.95. EMS will set you back $29.95 and take up to 8 working days to arrive. The pharmacy will also probably charge you $6.95 for shipping assurance, which you may decline if you like.


Platform for Web

There are 100+ mirror websites with the same aspects, design, and products as the original. This is a clear indication of a company being affiliated with a fraudulent subsidiary. Some sites that appear to be identical to this drugstore include:

Since this shop does not employ a secure system, any data communicated over the platform is vulnerable. Potential attackers may access information and then use it unlawfully. Transacting goods with this fraudulent website is not recommended.


When purchasing things on the internet, you browse customer reviews to get a notion of what you’ve gotten yourself into. You should ideally look at the reviews given by actual consumers.

negative feedback

This pharmacy’s site shows a couple of them. They’re all positive. The majority of them have nearly similar languages. All of them use the phrase “got my package,” which is questionable. It’s simply too coincidental. Furthermore, we discovered that the evaluations on the mirror websites were similar. This indicates that they were produced with the intent of deceiving users into believing that the site provides excellent products and services.


It is evident that 24h-DrugsStore.com isn’t really a legitimate online pharmacy. It lacks some of the legal credentials that are required in the pharmaceutical industry. With all these factors associated, this drugstore deserves a 1-star score.

Taking into account all of these risk factors, we can only give this pharmacy a 1 out of 5 score.

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