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24h-Pharmacy.com claims to be a world pharmacy store that aims to help you lead a healthy life. If you are now wondering if this drugstore platform is safe and reliable or if it’s running a deceptive business, then you have surely landed on the right page. We have already made a thorough investigation of this drugstore platform. If interested to find out our consolidated findings on this pharmacy, then please keep reading the below review and disclose all the details.

Domain Info
Registration Date2016-11-08
Business Info
NameWorld Pharmacy Store
Phone NumbersUS: +1-760-284-3222
EU: +4420-3286-3820
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

This pharmacy platform has registered its domain under the name of a fake domain registrar’s name i.e. GKG.Net, Inc. The domain has been registered in 2016. The original domain registration date is mentioned as 2016-11-08 and it will be expired on 2021-11-08. Unfortunately, we haven’t found many details about this drugstore and its domain on WhoIs. For example, there is just a little information available on the website of WhoIs, such as organization name, state name, country name, and email address. Well, we believe each of these details is absolutely fake. Please do not trust this info.


Business Profile

Let’s now take a quick look at the business profile details of this internet pharmacy. Well, we have found that the trust rating of this drugstore is quite high. Despite such a high trust rating, we will still recommend you not to trust this pharmacy platform. First of all, the owner of this drugstore platform is using a proxy service to hide his identity. Secondly, the website does not have many visitors. Thirdly, we have found many negative reviews about this pharmacy site.


Unfortunately, this platform has not shared complete details about its business profile. For example, the business profile information like business owner name and business organization name is not given. Instead, the site has shared just a few details about the business profile, such as the address, country, phone, and email.

Regulatory Approvals

This is not surely a legit pharmacy platform. Instead, we have found that the site is a rogue and it’s running a deceptive business.

rogue status

According to LegitScript, the pharmacy platform has failed to comply with its verification rules and regulations. Plus, this drugstore deals with poor-quality medicines that are not appropriate for your health.

That’s why LegitScript has marked this pharmacy site as a rogue. Hence, please be careful and avoid purchasing any medicines from this rogue drugstore platform.

Products and Pricing

There are a wide variety of medications that can be purchased from this internet pharmacy. The common medicine categories are men’s health medicines and women’s health medicines. In fact, if you visit the official website of this drugstore platform, you will find advertisements for different men’s health medications.


When a drugstore sells such men’s health-related medications, it clearly proves that the site is a scam. Also, note these are all generic medications that are available at an extremely low price tag. Most of these drugs will cost you $1-$3 per pill. Some drugs will cost you even lesser.

You are strongly recommended not to purchase such low-quality and low-priced medicines. These medicines may not be good enough for your health.

Payment and Shipping

If you want to place an order with this pharmacy, then you can use credit cards. You can use the major credit cards to place an order with this drugstore including Visa and Mastercard. There are two shipping options using which an order is dispatched, such as Airmail or US Postal Service and EMS Courier Delivery:

  • For EMS Courier Delivery, the delivery timeline is around 3-8 business days
  • For Airmail, the delivery timeline is around 2-3 weeks

Customer Testimonials

The pharmacy site has a Testimonials page where many customer testimonials are posted. Unfortunately, we have found that these are all fake customer reviews and they are posted by random people. We could not verify the identity of these people who have posted the testimonials. Hence, even if these testimonials are positive, you should not still trust these reviews.



24h-Pharmacy.com is surely a scam drugstore platform that is purposely running a deceptive business. You should not trust this platform.

We have rated it with only 1 star.

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