24hMedShop.com Reviews – Has Nothing But Bad Deals

If you want a trustworthy site that you can use to buy medical products, 24hMedShop.com isn’t it. The website pretends to be a legit store but it has a lot of red flags that are difficult, if not impossible to ignore. You have to keep this in mind before buying any of their drugs. They don’t reveal much in the way of verifiable information which is why it is so difficult to prove their claims.

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-04-23
LocationUS, France
Business Info
NameOnline Pharmacy
Phone Numbers+1-888-524-7141
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Details

The domain is a problem. It was created on the 23rd of April 2020, just two months ago. That isn’t encouraging because young websites are so risky. In fact, most people typically avoid drugstores that have less than five years of experience.


They are more likely to harbor scams because they don’t have as much to lose. Older sites are not as likely to defraud you because they have worked too hard to build strong reputations. They know that perpetrating scams will ruin their name which is why you can trust them.

Related Websites

The store’s young age isn’t your only concern. It has a ScamAdviser rating of 40 percent, which is very low. Such figures are normally reserved for scams. It shares its server with five other portals, including:

unknown reputation
  • borpillshop.com
  • medshoppill.com
  • reldrugshop.com
  • vadrugpills.com

Most of these stores have decent ScamAdviser ratings. That is encouraging but it doesn’t prove the company’s authenticity.

Business Profile

There isn’t much to this company. It uses a generic name (Online Pharmacy) which doesn’t tell you anything. It has a decent Alexa ranking, which is surprising. A high Alexa ranking means that a site gets a lot of visitors.

So clearly, this website has found a way to attract traffic. But there is no evidence suggesting that any of the store’s visitors have become paying customers. The presence of an SSL Certificate is a good thing because it tells you that your communications with the platform are relatively secure.


This doesn’t prove that you can trust the company with your information. You don’t know for certain that they can protect your credit card data, and neither can they be trusted to maintain the privacy of your medical files.

Even if their security is as advanced as they claim, they can choose to sell your data. Keep this in mind. You should also note that the drugstore’s owner is a mystery. He has chosen to remain anonymous, another sign that tells you that the company has secrets that it wants to keep hidden.

This conclusion is supported by the absence of a business address and the involvement of two countries in the pharmacy’s setup. A lot of the information you would normally use to scrutinize the store’s operations has been redacted.

Regulatory Authorization

The website doesn’t have any regulatory authority. This is to be expected from a platform that is so suspicious. LegitScript has assigned it a ‘rogue’ status because it has failed to meet its standards.


Available Products

The store appears to sell both brand name and generic pills. Though, for the moment, there is no proof that they sell anything. Their catalog is somewhat wide-ranging where the categories are concerned but they don’t have that many drugs on offer.


Payments and Deliveries

As you might expect from a potential scam, this one has some of the cheapest drugs you will ever see on the internet. Drugs this cheap are normally dismissed as counterfeit. This is another factor for you to consider before you buy their medicine.


Though, if you choose to buy their merchandise, their payment options include electronic checks and credit cards like JCB and Visa. The products you order are delivered using a trackable courier service and EMS. You should expect to wait for roughly three weeks at the most before your package arrives.


This is another sign you find in scams. They don’t have customer reviews. This website shares that attribute. The few testimonials on its platform cannot be verified. They are unlikely to be real.



This website does lack a business address and regulatory authority but it has a poor ScamAdviser rating.

It has given you every reason to assign it a low rating of 1.5 stars.

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