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AkiPharma.com is one of the most reputable suppliers of generic medications in the country. It is one of India’s most reputable and well-known online pharmacies supplying generic medications. Medication for almost every ailment is easily available in this pharmacy. Being one of the best businesses in the nation is something this pharmacy enjoys. Other generic drugs already see a lot of AkiPharma’s presence. With the provision of genuine items, high-calibre services, and supplies, it is building a solid brand.

Domain Info
Registration Date2014-10-07
Business Info
NameAki Pharma
Phone Numbers+917383167664
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Domain Details

The active online pharmacy with professionals was first created in the year 2014-10-07 was recently updated on 2022-10-04 and will expire on 2024-10-07, making it 10 years old. The domain of this website was registered many years ago. In general, a website becomes more trustworthy the older it is. However, con artists occasionally purchase already-existing websites and begin their nefarious activities, so make sure you look for other red flags.


Business Profile

The name “AkiPharma.com” is used to identify this online pharmacy. In the area of online pharmaceutical company and delivery, this pharmacy asserts to have experience ranging from one to ten years. It should be highlighted that this pharmacy’s name has a very fragile web presence, which casts doubt on its credibility. It is important to note that the owner of the pharmacy is still unidentified at this time. This is also evidence of the company’s nonexistent business address. ScamAdviser suggests that you stay far away from this website. It received a very poor trust rating from them.


Regulatory Approvals

A pharmacy needs a valid operating permit from a recognized regulatory organization. These organizations include, among others, NAPB, LegitScript, and CIPA. Even though this online drugstore displays several certifications from licensing organizations, none of them is legitimate. The pharmacy is not recognized by LegitScript, a legal licensing body for pharmacies, or by any other organizations.

Products and Pricing

The main aim of this online pharmacy is to provide the best quality medications related to men’s erotic health drugs in generic form at very reasonable prices without compromising on quality.


This pharmacy is offering a large number of medications related to:

  • Men Health
  • Antibiotics
  • Hormones, etc.

Payment and Shipping

There are no payment methods available on the AkiPharma.com website but different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. are mentioned to contact this pharmacy. It also offers its customers in more than 100 nations and territories, primarily all over the world, dropshipping services with high-quality generic medications. Its goods are sold throughout the world, and it also offers all types of generic medications that are needed by and in great demand from its loyal customers. Additionally, this pharmacy offers any essential needs of its clients.


Delivery Details

Even if the customers place a bulk order, the online drugstore guarantees on-time delivery. This online pharmacy also offers drop shipping services. Several of the most well-known pharmaceutical companies are connected to this pharmacy. In more than 100 different countries’ consumers can use its drop shipping service. Additionally, it is ready to cooperate on a COD basis with sincere businesses that desire rapid expansion. Since this pharmacy serves consumers around the clock, you may get in touch with it whenever you need to get prescriptions.

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AkiPharma is ISO Certified online pharmacy exporting different herbal products, surgical equipment, and pharmaceutical medications. But we always advise that you read the offered reviews before ordering any medications from any online site. Unfortunately, all of the customer reviews that are displayed on the pharmacy website of this alleged low-cost pharmacy are fraudulent. To intentionally mislead a regular customer like you, the pharmacy filled its feedback section with numerous falsely good ratings.

might be fake


Given what we’ve learned, it’s important to point out that AkiPharma.com is a dubious, dangerous, and risky pharmacy. It is simple to understand why this website has such a low trust rating. It is undoubtedly a scam. This pharmacy has a very poor Tranco ranking. In comparison to other online drug stores from the nation where this pharmacy is located, this might be regarded as low-rated. Please spend more time investigating the organization if you believe this website ought to be very well-known. It is questionable. Low Alexa rankings are typical for newly launched or smaller websites. 

So, we will also give a 2-star rating to this website.

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