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AllEdPill holds the firm belief that customers should come first. Their customers are always of the utmost concern, so they make it a point to provide high-caliber medical care to each and every one of them. Their mission is to offer customers reasonably priced medication without lowering its efficacy or safety standards. Now, you may ask, why are they not a suitable type of pharmacy as the title indicates? We provided this complete review just to answer your question.

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Registration Date2022-01-07
LocationUnited States
Business Info
NameAll ED Pill
Phone Numbers+1 (334) 946-9304
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Domain Info

AllEdPill is well-known for being a reliable online site that offers a wide selection of prescription medicines for sale that can be purchased by customers. You can purchase any medicine through their website, including over-the-counter medications and pharmaceutical drugs. They provide the highest quality drugs purchased in an unbroken chain from the original company.


Also, AllEdPill Pharmacy is a domain registered by GKG Net. It was established last January 01, 2022, and will expire next year. So far, the last update that occurred on the website was the first time opening it, so it’s a little strange. Usually, websites should update their website every once in a while for stock advisories or new features. This website, on the other hand, only established the website and didn’t return to update again.

Business Profile

As aforementioned, the pharmacy website claims to be an authorized online retailer and a distributor of medications. Their validity as alleged drug vendors for general consumption as well as bulk is said to be established through the acquisition of all of the relevant licenses. You are able to obtain a diverse selection of generic medicines on the website of the drugstore. Also, they promise to be the top online drugstore portal that you may use when you’re hunting for cost-effective generic versions of your meds.

high rating

However, upon scanning the domain with Scam Adviser, we learned that they only received 78/100 trust score. The fact that they are new in e-commerce, one year to be precise, and they already made a lower trust rate means something is up with them. Further assessment is needed to confirm whether or not they are scams.

Regulatory Approvals

To deepen the assessment regarding AllEdPill Pharmacy, we have decided to see if they own any regulatory approvals to prove that they are legal distributor of medicines and that they are licensed. First off, we checked them in CIPA, and we didn’t find them. We also checked the presence of NABP, but it is nowhere to be found. That simply means they are almost entirely bluffing in their introductory page. They are actually scamming and illegally distributing all this time. That is if they did have any customers.

Products and Pricing

Let’s now neglect the part where they claim to be the “top” supplier of medicines because, first off, they are only retailers; second, they are not distributing legally.


Still, for note, the pharmacy in question offers a wide range of medicines for:

  • AIDS, hepatitis, infertility
  • diabetes, asthma, acne
  • migraine, cancer, HIV, herpes
  • Alzheimer’s, as well as blood pressure control

The prices are actually pretty cheap, just like how they conclude. That’s probably because they are using it to bait customers to buy their products. When in fact, buying medicine is normally at a standard price. Customers shouldn’t resort to a lower price that may cause them higher hospital bills later on.

Payment and Shipping

The online drugstore accepts transactions through debit and credit cards. They also offer transaction extensions for those with bank wire transfer and cryptocurrency. They are very adaptable when it comes to payment that it almost seemed like they’re only interested in it. Meanwhile, the shipping is not stated, but it costs $20, depending on your location.



It seems that the online pharmacy is not really that popular, contrary to what they claim that they are the top suppliers of leading pharmacies. When we decided to gather reviews regarding the pharmacy, we couldn’t even find a single testimony from past customers. We tried in MyWot and TrustPilot as well, but both couldn’t show feedback about AllEdPill. This strengthens our proof that the pharmacy is putting bluffs in their statement to build their imaginary reputation, which will actually affect the customers who may fall in their scam schemes.



There’s not much to say about this pharmacy because they already say a lot in their page. You can check out their website to see if you want to try them. However, we do not recommend anyone to get dragged from their type of illegal business. Please, take this advice: don’t put your health at risk by opting for cheaper medicines from this scam that you aren’t aware if are true or not.

To prevent this from happening, let us give the pharmacy 1 star.

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