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We often question the company’s authenticity, legitimacy, and the medicines and medical supplies sold there with different pharmacy websites. Of course, we should always be careful as some may sell counterfeit supplies which instead bought to be helpful now become inconvenient. Today, we will review one of these online drugstores present. With this review, we hope to share information about them and help you decide and be aware of them.

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-03-12
Business Info
NameAryu Care
AddressNew York, United States
Delhi, India
London, United Knigdom
Phone Numbers
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Business Data

This online pharmacy aims to give quality non-prescription products and over-the-counter medical supplies all over the world. To develop and offer affordable yet quality supplies to people to meet their needs because of the unending shortage of medicines due to lack of manufacturing or medicinal cost. With this mission, they hope to achieve their vision of being able to create a healthy living environment for every people in society.

Domain Details

The company was founded on 2011 with a registered address under No. 1 Lalithapuram Street, Royapettah, Chennai – 600014, Tamil Nadu, India.


Besides this, the registered company office is located on the 5th Floor, EA Chambers (Express Avenue) No 49 & 50 L, Whites Road, Royapettah, Chennai – 600014. Although the company is located in India, they have stores in New York and London to have a broader reach to customers. No company registration and expiration were published on the website. Some companies are doing this for privacy, but some do not have any information. This may be a red flag, but since Aryucare had a legitimate address both for the shop and the company, this somehow compensates for the needed information.

Business Profile

The moment you browse the company’s website, the first thing you’ll notice is its color. In there, they use a mixed color between white and turquoise. Other than that, a background of constellations is found under the turquoise screen. This turquoise screen is an announcement space on the company’s latest product and sale.


Below it, you’ll find three important services they offer on their website. The About US section talks about the company, Our Blog Section for related blogs under the company, and the Shop section for you to purchase all the products available. Lastly, at the very end, you’ll be able to see the bestselling, highly recommended, and featured products.

Approved Regulations

As mentioned on its website, this online drug store claims that the World Health Organization approves its products and manufacturing center.

rogue status

In addition, they have a group of medical professionals who the Medical Council gives licenses in India, which are authorized to perform the said production. Moreover, to secure client information, the company uses McAfee and DMCA, a globally recognized and approved security system, so products ordered are guaranteed using the website.

Product Listing & Price Listing

In the shop section, the company is divided into 51 categories. Forty-eight are dedicated to different diseases, 1 section for publishing the new products, 1 for the women’s supplies, and 1 for special products. All section is dedicated to solving different health problems like skin, sensory, nervous, Immune, respiratory, and other body systems that need treatment. The products have a price range between $1.50 to $11,700.

Settlement & Distribution

Now, with all the information presented, you still wish to buy products, the company’s payment method is the following:


1. Credit/Debit/Network banking

Upon purchasing on their site, you’ll be redirected to to enter your card details for payment. Once the payment is confirmed, your product will be shipped.

2. COD

Once the item arrives, you can pay for it. They charged shipping depending on your order’s value. Any item valued at $149.99 and below will be charged $50. If your purchase costs between $150 – $999.99, the shipping will be $25. Now, if you purchase anything above $1000, it will be free. To learn more, you can read the company’s terms and conditions.

Transportation Details

As mentioned, the online pharmacy ships in different countries worldwide. Delivery time may vary depending on your product and location. You can track your parcel. Just visit the website and click the track parcel section.


Customer Feedback

To verify the legitimacy of this pharmacy website, ratings and reviews will help you determine the store’s standing. Now, there is no designated area summarizing the ratings and reviews on the website. They did a review to be offered in each item you purchase. So you have to click each product sold, and you’ll see the reviews.

But, the reviews here are suspicious. Not only does the company have direct access to it, but almost all product ratings have 5-star ratings – a perfect 5. Another thing doubtful about this is that all is that the reviews of each product have 2 -4 person reviews, all positive and made on the same date.

positive review

With this doubtful result, we tried to find other ratings for this online pharmacy, and we came across one. According to the IsLegitSite, which is dedicated to checking a website’s legitimacy, they have given the company a potential legit judgment because the website was designed with the standard website features.


We hope that all the information above helps you decide on the company’s legitimacy. Yes, it offers affordable and convenient purchasing products, but with the blackness of the company profile and unconfirmed ratings with untrusted information, surely you should learn from it.

You’d better opt for another online drugstore.

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