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Most consumers look at the price of the medicines while ordering them. However, this approach is erroneous. You need to verify the details of the pharmacy to ensure that it is genuine and only then order from this website. We will help you with such due diligence. Our review will highlight this pharmacy’s details and let you know whether you should order medicines from this website or not.

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main page claims having seven years’ experience in distributing generic pharmaceutical drugs to consumers. These generic drugs are presumed to be equivalent in quality to its brand alternatives. Other services it prides itself at include fast delivery of products, safe, secure payment options and discounts for second-time customers.

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main page has the same purpose and goals, worded in the same way, with five online drugstores already identified as scam. The goals and values of this online drugstore reportedly include connecting consumers to manufacturers of reliable, but affordable, quality brand and generic healthcare products. Just like the scam pharmacy websites, this online drugstore also promised customers secured shopping and privacy of information.

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