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This pharmacy boasts itself as a reputed worldwide distributor of generic and over-the-counter medicine since its alleged founding in 2005. But is this online pharmacy truly as trustworthy as it presents itself? If you are looking for a reliable review before making a transaction, here is an article that will supply you with the necessary information about this website.

Domain Info
Registration Date2019-12-16
Business Info
NameBuy Generic Pills
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Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Domain Info

Domain details of this website on WhoIs indicate that this website was created on December 6, 2019, and is set to expire on the same day in 2023. The site was also previously updated on May 15, 2022, indicating that it is an active website. But of course, our findings on this drugstore don’t end here. So it’s not safe to assume that it’s 100% safe to shop in this online drugstore for now.


Business Profile

Based on info from their Contact Information page, this company goes by Buy Generic Pills. We also saw that this pharmacy is located in India and even has its complete address displayed on the said page.

privacy redacted

We wanted to verify this information by running this website on ScamAdviser, only to find out that most of their company and website details are hidden using a service. But it is worth noting that this drugstore received a 97/100 score on ScamAdviser. They most likely received this score since this website has a valid SSL Certificate and has been active for more than a year.

Regulatory Approvals

Regulatory approvals ensure that the products sold by pharmacies are safe and effective. Although this drugstore claims that their products are FDA-Approved in their product FAQs, our findings state otherwise. After all, LegitScript labels this site with a rogue status.


Furthermore, this online drugstore is not listed among the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s list of recommended pharmacies. They are also not part of the CIPA or the MHRA registries, leading us to believe that their FDA-approved claims on their products are a scam.

Products and Pricing

This website primarily sells men’s health products. But they do also sell other categories of medicine in an effort to cater to various customers.


Other medicine categories they sell include:

  • asthma
  • anti-cancer
  • depression
  • eye care healthcare products

They sell their products in bulk and are offered at very generous prices. They even provide free medicine if you order larger quantities of their products. For instance, they offer 100 free pieces of a particular product if you choose to order 1,000 pieces of it.

Moreover, each product has a long, detailed description of how it works. There’s also information regarding their usage, benefits, and possible side effects. But then again, none of these products have FDA approvals. So, you shouldn’t believe these descriptions, no matter how seemingly detailed they are.

Payment and Shipping

This online drugstore does not have a thorough page explaining its payment and shipping details.

no options

But based after further inspecting their website, we found out that they accept the following payment methods:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa

But when we tried to make an order we saw a warning saying no payment options are available. To add, users will have to create an account to keep track of their orders and transactions on this website. Again, they do not have a detailed page explaining how their order tracking system works. However, they do have a dedicated policy page for their returns or refunds and even have a form where customers can file for a refund.


Their Return and Refund Policy states their turnaround time for their orders takes around three weeks, which is quite long. They also claim that they’ll immediately reship faulty or damaged products. But given their vague order tracking system, there is no certainty that customers here do receive their products or get their money back at all.

Customer Feeback

The product reviews on this website look authentic at first glance. But most of the pharmacy’s best-selling products only contain five-star reviews, which raises our suspicions given the other findings we’ve gathered from this website.

great rating

This pharmacy also claims to be partnered with TrustPilot, which is also another reason why this pharmacy scored well in ScamAdviser. However, there are only two positive five-star reviews of this pharmacy on TrustPilot, which are not enough to convince us of this pharmacy’s legitimacy.


This ends our compilation of findings for our review. From what we have gathered, it’s safe to say that this pharmacy is not a reputed distributor as it claims on its website. Although this drugstore has a working SSL certificate and has an active, up-to-date website, its vagueness in other aspects leads us to believe that this pharmacy is not trustworthy at all.

Based on our comprehensive list of findings, we give this pharmacy a rating of 1 star.

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