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What we have here is a pharmacy called Buy RX Safe – a digital pharmacy that offers a broad selection of high-quality over-the-counter medicine products as well as generic prescription drugs. They are a drug company that is claimed to be rapidly expanding, and its mission is to bring the customer the highest-quality meds at the lowest possible prices, right to anyone’s front door. This article will show you the result of our assessment.

Domain Info
Registration Date2021-04-30
Business Info
NameBuy Rx Safe
Phone Numbers+1 (318) 744-1487
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

As you can see in the illustration provided, Buy RX Safe is under the domain “” with the registrar Rebel Ltd. The domain was registered last April 30, 2021, but will expire on the same day next year (2023); in short, they have only been in the industry for a year, but they have many claims as if they have expanded in many regions. So far, the last update that occurred on the website was last May 16, 2022.


Business Profile

In their about section, you can observe them mention being one of the most significant online pharmacies which provide thousands of generic drugs, making them the one-stop destination for health needs. However, can you really trust a website that is all promises and lies?

no info

In Scam Adviser, Buy RX Safe has been categorized in yellow tag, which means suspicious actions are identified on the website. This suspicion may be identified by a particular customer who got scammed or the website specialists themselves. So far, the pharmacy in question has only 43/100 trust rating, which is comparatively lower than reliable websites.

Regulatory Approvals

Once again, according to their about section, Buy RX Safe has claimed that their products are approved by the FDA and are purchased from direct companies. But when we evaluated their regulatory approvals and licensing, we learned that they are not reviewed by CIPA nor NABP, which are essential to prove that a pharmacy is legit.

rogue status

Hence, they claim that the products are FDA-approved because they buy real generic medicines and distribute them. In other words, it’s their distribution that is not authorized. Further assessments must be made to prove that this website is a scam.

Products and Pricing

Straightforwardly, Buy RX Safe offers different medications for headaches, and men’s health, tapentadol, carisoprodol, pregabalin, benzo, and gabapentin.


They also offer medications like:

  • ED drugs
  • pain relief
  • cold medications
  • and even allergies

It may seem convenient that all these drugs can be acquired in one shop, but it is also suspicious in the way that they are new in the pharmaceutical industry. The fact they have stocks and inventory of these items is simply intriguing. The pricing is also very low and discounted, so, it’s all the more a reason why you have to be alert in them.

Payment and Shipping

As you can see in the given illustration, Buy RX Safe has only one method for both payment and Shipping. First off, the payment is through the link, and no specified cards are mentioned to be eligible for payment, so it’s pretty confusing. The shipping method is flat shipping which costs $30.


For the order to be delivered, they will require your personal details and shipping address like usual. They also have a “payment first policy” wherein they don’t process orders that are not yet paid. While this may seem okay, you can’t entrust your payment to a suspicious website like this. Delivery Details will not be assessed since the website didn’t provide particular instructions and timeframe for shipment.


We found a review regarding Buy RX Safe in MyWot that has 1 star. The feedback was from MarkGiles, who said that the pharmacy in question was actually listed in the Bill Stearns Blacklist hence, a scam. The customer doesn’t recommend anyone to enter or purchase on the said website.

one review


Buy RX Safe did falsify a lot of information regarding their reputation, experience, and service. They have promised to have an effective and convenient transaction with customers, but they are all nothing but talk. If you are seeking a legit pharmacy, this is not definitely the one. You must opt to find drugstores that are highly rated by our reviews instead.

In conclusion, we would like to confirm that the pharmacy deserves only 1 star out of 5.

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