Reviews – 80% Scam? sells supposedly quality medicine in hopes of a healthy and happy life. However, is the website actually genuine to customers? What is shady in this online pharmacy? 

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Getting to Know Pharmacy Website 

Being a customer, we all want nothing but the highest quality of medicine when buying it in a certified store. Sometimes, we don’t even mind paying a little more just to have the treatment supposed to remedy our sickness. However, what if it turns out the online pharmacy that you’ve been trusting for years is actually a scam? 

quality and delivery

There is this specific pharmacy that has been captivating everyone’s interest lately. An online shop where you get to buy quicker and get medicines with a given discount. Who wouldn’t miss the chance to buy from them, especially when the medication is a physical requirement for you? Indeed, it has been the apple of the eye of every customer because of its offered advantages. 


It is undeniable that is that almost perfect pharmaceutical shop that offers every medicine you are looking for. From pain relievers, muscle relaxants, weight loss, and skincare, they got it all stacked up waiting for you to buy them. So, who wouldn’t like to shop for a seemingly complete and perfect medical provider, right? 

Why It Isn’t Good

Sad to say, there are some reasons why I ended up putting only one star in the shop after examining its backstory thoroughly. And since we don’t want anyone to be taken for granted and cheated on, we provided a list of issues regarding this self-proclaimed medical website that you indeed never expected as well. 



It is answered in the FAQ section that this website does not require any kind of prescription for its customers. That is just boldly wrong because it can be the root of different wrongdoings and abuse-related gk drugs. As you may know, it may be a hassle, but everyone should still have a proper prescription from a medical expert before they can proceed to buy sensitive products. 

doesn't require

This online pharmacy has so many drugs available that it becomes shady why they are not limiting people without any prescription to buy anything literally. It is one of the main reasons why this shop should have fewer stars and good reviews. It does not care much about the patients except profiting. 

Testimonials are Overrated 

It may or may not be an issue, but the testimonials shown on the website are too good to be accurate and become overrated. As you may know, reviews are essential to understanding whether a product is authentic or not. It is only crucial for medical websites and shops to have more accurate feedback that anyone can relate to. 

fake feedback

No matter how many testimonies there are, if the context is repetitive and only gives overrated praises, it can be misleading to customers. Again, the testimony proves how much the online pharmaceutical website prioritizes profiting more than curing the customers. 

Failed Customer Reviews Samples 

Here are some of the samples of fake customer reviews provided in the testimonials that you should check out: 

  • “A truly satisfied customer who ordered Cialis Professional recently for the flu, just kidding.” – Perez (5 Stars)
  • “The price for Cialis 5 is not actually cheap, but it’s okay.” – Rainier (4 Stars) 

Both of these testimonies don’t display seriousness regarding medical conditions, which is why they are not authentic enough to be taken as a good customer review

Visible Proofs of Pharmacy Being Scam 

  • Flawed Testimonies
  • Low Trust Level
  • Approvals From Regulatory Agencies
fake awards

Bottom Line

To conclude, we decided to give the online pharmaceutical website 1 star out of 5 through careful examination and analysis. You may offer all the good products one after another. However, you can’t just stack it up on the table. There are many considerations when one decides to open a medical-related service. First off, it should be safe for anyone to use, and it should be prescribed.

It seems this website is too careless about customers’ safety, which is why it deserves a low score.

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  1. This is almost certainly a scam site. They hacked my WordPress website (spamdex attack) to drive customers to their own. This isn’t the behavior of a legitimate business. Input your personal data and credit card info at your own risk. You’ve been warned.

    • Hello! At the time we were writing this review article we were 80% sure the online pharmacy is a scam. Thank you for the warning and leaving a comment.


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