Reviews – Just Another Rogue Drugstore is an internet pharmacy whose name is designed to convince customers that is Canadian. However, the company has no tangible connection to the country. It has chosen to use the name simply as a means of tapping into the trust that Canada enjoys from patients in the US and around the world that are desperate for cheap medical products. However, it won’t take savvy shoppers long to realize that the website isn’t Canadian. It doesn’t do that impressive a job of covering its tracks.

Domain Info
Registration Date2018-09-28
LocationUS, Switzerland
Business Info
NameSky Pharmacy
Phone Numbers+1-760-284-3222
Regulatory Bodies
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

The domain is two years old. It was created on the 28th of September 2018. It doesn’t have enough experience in the online pharmaceutical field to instill the sort of trust that older stores enjoy. The website isn’t at fault for its young age.


Every drugstore was once new. However, new platforms are expected to work very hard to dispel the suspicion they normally attract from buyers. This is because young sites are often associated with scams. This is why they are so difficult to trust. Unfortunately, this pharmacy has failed to set itself apart from the many young but fraudulent portals on the internet.

Related Websites

At 79 percent, the domain’s ScamAdviser rating is impressive. If you were to base your decisions on that rating alone, you might be tempted to conclude that the company is legit. However, that conclusion becomes more difficult to support once you realize that the websites that share the platform’s server have poor ratings. They include:


The ratings of the websites associated with a drugstore are just as important as the drugstore’s rating. You cannot afford to rely on a company that is connected to shady internet pharmacies. Admittedly, the server has other websites with much better ratings. But the presence of even one potentially fraudulent website is enough to cast doubt on all the other stores on the server.

Business Profile

This is a secretive business whose owner has hidden their identity. They most likely originate from the United States. Their setup involved two countries, namely: the US and Switzerland. You cannot determine the location of their offices because they don’t have a business address.


As far as their contact information is concerned, you can only communicate with them via email. That is unprofessional. Every legitimate business entity is expected to provide a variety of avenues through which consumers can reach them. That includes phone numbers and a live chat option.

The absence of a business line suggests that the organization only exists online. This might explain their reluctance to reveal their business address. They don’t want to invite scrutiny from curious customers. Their website is poorly designed. The generic look doesn’t inspire confidence, and neither does the content which was clearly copied from other websites.

The platform doesn’t have any unique branding. All the images are stock photos downloaded from the internet. The doctors displayed on their home page are not real employees of the company. In fact, it is doubtful that they have real employees.

Regulatory Authorization

The medical store has a CIPA seal on its web pages. But the seal is fake. The domain is not recognized by CIPA. LegitScript calls them a rogue internet pharmacy. Their decision to publish fake seals supports the argument that they are a scam.


Available Products

They have a shallow catalog that doesn’t offer the extensive variety of products their web pages promise. Their main concern is sexual enhancers. This is all they promote online.


Payments and Deliveries

The pills the online store sells are generic. They are cheap because their manufacturers do not spend any money on development and marketing. To buy these pills, you require Visa and Mastercard. They don’t offer any additional options.


They use EMS and Airmail to make deliveries to customers. It takes eight days to three weeks for packages to reach their destinations.


Even though the site has been in operation for two years, it doesn’t have any customer feedback on any other online resources besides the reviews found on its platform. The authenticity of those reviews cannot be determined.

can be fake


This website fails in every way. It lacks reviews and testimonials, it has no SSL certificate, it isn’t recognized by any regulatory authority, and it has fake seals on its platform.

As such, it earns a rating of 1 star.

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