Reviews – Remain Mildly Skeptical is a Canadian online pharmaceutical company that claims to be a safe source of medication for anyone living within North America – even offering to ship worldwide. This company claims to care immensely over customer safety, requires proper prescriptions, and only ships from within Canada. While this site sounds like an excellent choice, we always feel the need to perform a thorough background search before we can confirm or negate any claims made.

Domain Info
Registration Date2017-02-23
Business Info
NameCanada Cloud Pharmacy
Phone Numbers1-800-901-0041
Regulatory Bodies
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Domain Details

We find it important to note that this website is inaccessible when searching from a Canadian location. This is quite odd, as this e-pharmacy claims to be Canadian. However, Canadian access is denied by a GoDaddy Website Firewall. Still, we were able to take a closer look at some of the particular domain details for this company.


We can see that this company was first registered on February 23rd, 2017. This means that this company has been established for some time and the last known updates occurred on February 24th, 2022 – showing that this company hasn’t been left without updates or concurrent information.

However, we did notice some particularly odd information next. While this company very clearly claims to be Canadian and ships directly from Canada, the ownership (administrative, registrant, and technical contact information) is set to be in Tempe, Arizona. While this doesn’t exactly scream red flags, it does mean that this company is not Canadian-owned – it is merely operating out of Canada.

Business Profile

Unfortunately, being unable to access most information on this website, we weren’t able to find proper information on employees. The same can be said in terms of business licenses, although we were able to see that this company does claim to be an accredited Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) member. 

not recommended

Much like any other e-pharmacy that we look over, we felt the usual need to check out this company on a trusted third-party source, like Scam Adviser. However, when looking at Scam Adviser we found some very conflicting information. This company has received a trust score of only 1/100. This score also comes with a warning from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). The NABP has submitted a report on this company and has placed it on their “Do Not Recommend” list.

Regulatory Approval

Regulatory approvals are incredibly important to an e-pharmacy, as they are what determine whether or not a company will hold proper licensing or if the marketable products have been thoroughly tested and deemed safe for purchase or consumption. As previously mentioned, this company is not in good standing with the NABP, which is generally not a good sign.

not a member

When looking on Legit Script, we were able to see that this company has not been reviewed, so no information is presently available. We also felt that it was very important to check in on this e-pharmacy’s claim to be a CIPA registered business. The CIPA only has 63 registered pharmacies that have been approved to display their symbol, with this particular company not being one of them.

Products and Pricing

This e-pharmacy does claim to require a prescription before anyone is able to purchase their marketed or available medications. While this is generally another good sign, we are unable to know whether or not the medications are safe, as it doesn’t appear that this e-pharmacy holds any known business licenses. 


Though we were unable to confirm on the website which products are sold by this company, through their Facebook page and ratings on Google, we were able to see that they carry products in some of the following categories:

  • Eye and Ear Medications
  • Men’s Health Medications
  • Women’s Health Medications
  • Veterinary Mediations
  • Body Care/Moisturizers
  • Cold and Flu Medications
  • Allergy Medications

Payments and Shipping

Unfortunately, due to the inaccessibility of this website, we were unable to find information on payment methods, aside from the fact that prices are all listed in Canadian Dollars.


We were also able to see that the company offers shipping through the following methods:

  • Canada Post (letter mail)
  • UPS

Apparently, express shipping will take 5 business days and regular shipping will take 10. The standardized shipping fee is $13.75, with prices increasing for shipping outside of North America.


We were unable to access ratings on the company website and the same can be said for Trustpilot, where this website has been left unclaimed by the ownership. However, there is an abundance of ratings on Google and Facebook, which has left this company with an overall rating of 5-stars.

google reviews


In conclusion, we feel customers should remain mildly skeptical over this e-pharmacy. Although they have phenomenal reviews, they do not have the appropriate licenses or approvals from lead authorities.

We presently give this company 2.5 stars and recommend you to wait until they hold better licenses.

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