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We’ll be talking about this website called, where they sell a variety of high-quality drugs and medicine at an affordable price for everyone. At first look, their website is already under the radar for suspicious activity, so we’ll delve deeper into its contents. 

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Registration Date2021-09-24
Business Info
NameCanadian Pharmacy
Phone Numbers+1-864-610-3116
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This is an online drugstore founded by David and Cecil Watson in 2002 and then went online three years later in 2005. With their self-proclaimed products and their customer testimonials, their online drugstore was quick to garner the faith of their customers and, as a result, held a reputation for high-quality medicinal products at affordable prices. 

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However, as soon as you enter their website, it’s a bit suspicious considering their products, descriptions, and even their website UI are poorly optimized. Read more below about what we think about the online pharmacy.

Domain and Website Background

This part of their website is what makes them not trustworthy. As per their claim, they started their online shop way back in 2005, but their shop’s license was recently licensed back on September 24th, 202, with an expiration date on the same date, next year. 


This is a sign of lying and distrust, especially since they are, what they claimed, a pharmaceutical company, their products should not be trusted by anyone as they can be a danger to your health and lifestyle. 

Business Profile

This category further pushes how this site is blatant a ‘fake’ and dangerous site. When you look at the online drugstore’s business profile, everything is regarded as REDACTED FOR PRIVACY; their address, number, Owner (even if they already wrote it down on their website), country, and other details. 


You could suspect that when this information is inaccurate and placed under privacy, the people running this website are scammers and non-licensed pharmaceutical people. The people running this website are probably located in known countries for scams such as the Middle East or Russia

Licensed Approval

When it comes to medicine and drugstores, you must check if they have the proper credentials, licenses, and approvals from their respective health organizations. Unfortunately, this online drugstore has none of those approvals. Instead, they have poorly photoshopped and edited logos and seals from companies like CIPA, BBB, and other approval stamps. This goes to show that this website is not to be trusted.

fake seals


The online drugstore sells many medicinal products that aim to solve several diseases and health concerns, prioritizing men’s health over other medicines.

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Some of their renowned products are for:

  • Asthma
  • Blood Pressure
  • Men’s sexual health
  • Weight loss
  • Respiratory problems, and more

The problem with their products is that they have no specific prescription number on each medicine, depending on your issue. Only the shipment, price, and discounts are available in their product descriptions. If you are going to buy from them, purchase with safety and caution in mind. 

Moreover, the pricing on each product tends to be super cheap compared to their original prices in legit marketplaces. Furthermore, they look cheap and have discounts on all their products, which is unusual since medicinal products rarely have sales or promos. 

Payment Methods

Their online drugstore offers several payment methods for you to transact with, such as VISA, Master Card, Bitcoin, and more. The worst part? Your personal information is not protected by an SSL security tool, which would result in your data being stolen or exposed. 


Shipping Methods

The company delivers worldwide with two choices of shipping methods to choose from EMS shipping and US Airmail. If you pick the Airmail method, it will take them around 2 – 4 working weeks to deliver your products, while choosing their EMS method will bring the products a maximum of 3 weeks before it arrives at your doorstep. Orders are shipped on weekdays to exclude public holidays, guaranteeing discreet packaging, as well, as customer anonymity. Moreover, the drugstore offers free delivery insurance if your total order price is over $200, while there is an additional $5 if you order $200 below


Customer Reviews

When it comes to online shops, the most crucial factor to check if the shop is a great place to buy is by looking at their testimonials and customer reviews. Customers are never wrong when it comes to rating a product. 

might be fake may have some convincing and high-quality reviews about their products. Still, the customer reviews are full of lies and fake praises and have zero to no reliability impact on the drugstore’s overall reputation and quality. They are creating these fake testimonials to make their drugstore reliable with other legit and trustworthy companies. 


This website is not legit and presents itself as an obvious scam and dangerous activity for your health. There are no guarantees that this site is legit because of their profile, no guarantee that their products are what they say they are supposed to be. This is an apparent 1-star rating for us because of their scam strategies. 

We strongly encourage you not to engage in any transactions with these sites as, most likely, the people operating this website will run with your hard-earned money without you being able to get it back.

Instead, order your medications only from legit and licensed pharmaceutical companies in your area.

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