Reviews – Another Grace Bay Scam is an e-pharmacy that describes being founded by a pharmacist with nearly two decades in the business. It’s claimed that he wanted to create an online destination for folks in the United States and Canada to order safe and reliable prescription medications. According to the website, transparency and regulatory oversight are two of the most crucial aspects of this business. as always, with such large claims such as the ones made on this website, we felt it important to complete a thorough background search of this e-pharmacy.

Domain Info
Registration Date2016-11-15
Business Info
NameCanada Online Health
Phone Numbers+1-800-399-3784
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Unapproved
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Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Information

On this website, there is no information in regards to the specified location of the ownership – only giving a mailing address in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (Suite #357, 23-845 Dakota St). However, when searching this address online, we were able to see that it is registered to a verified UPS Store. Furthermore, there are other online pharmacies that have this exact mailing address specified.


When looking into the public domain details for this e-pharmacy, we were able to see that the owner is registered as being in Grace Bay, Turks, and Caicos. What is even more startling, is the fact that we have run into the Grace Bay address (Neptune Court, Suite 204, Allegro Rd) on many illegitimate e-pharmacy sites before – making us believe that there is a large scam operation occurring from here.

It’s also worth noting that the other pharmacy, Jason’s Canadian Drugstore was also registered to this same Grace Bay address when we looked into the public domain details. This means that multiple e-pharmacies are using this Winnipeg address as a front to seem legitimate.

Business Profile

Considering that this e-pharmacy states it was founded by an experienced pharmacist, we assumed that there would be details provided about this man, however, there were not. In fact, this website does not include any information on business licenses, employees, or any employee licenses – which is generally a large red flag. 

high trust

Because of our suspicions, we decided to turn to Scam Adviser for another opinion, but we were shocked by the results. Scam Adviser has listed this website as having a trust score of 100/100. This generally means that an e-pharmacy is verified, however, we do not feel this is the case – especially with the information we have uncovered thus far.

Regulatory Approval

Again, considering the fact that this e-pharmacy claims regulatory oversight is one of its founding principles, we expected to see proof of this. However, this is absolutely no documentation of any regulatory approvals listed on the website.


When looking at the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), we were able to see that this website has not yet been reviewed. Being that this website is supposedly Canadian, we also looked on the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) website, but this e-pharmacy is not a member. Furthermore, this website is listed as “unapproved” on LegitScript.

Products and Pricing

Medications are all listed with the appropriate information like pricing, dosages, possible side effects, etc.


In terms of marketable products, this website has medications listed under some of the following categories:

  • Arthritis, Bone Health
  • Cancer, Diabetes
  • Infection, Lung Health
  • Mental Health, Men’s Health 
  • Women’s Health

Payments and Shipping

Unfortunately, in the case of this e-pharmacy, customers are only given correct payment and shipping information upon completion of an order form.

payment options

We were able to see that customers have the following payment method options:

  • Credit Cards (not specified on which brands)
  • Checks
  • E-Checks
  • Cryptocurrency
  • E-transfer or Wire Transfer

In regards to shipping details, the cost is supposedly determined by the location where the products are being shipped. Customers will be able to find out the specific cost after they have filled out an order form.

delivery timetable


This website does host a section dedicated to customer ratings, however, these ratings do seem rather falsified, as they are all 5-star and come with merely a name attached – there are no third-party sources like Google, Facebook, etc.

suspicious reviews

When looking at a third-party website like TrustPilot, we were able to see that this company does not have a single submitted review, despite having a claimed profile by the ownership. 


In conclusion, we do not recommend the use of This website’s owner is tied to a very sketchy and common address in Turks and Caicos, that has been proven time and time again to have multiple scam sites in operation. Although Scam Adviser has awarded this site a high trust score, we do not agree with it. There are no known licenses or regulations, despite large claims of them being in place.

Therefore, we can only feel comfortable giving this website a 2 star rating.

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