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Looking for reviews? Or, wondering if this is a legit drugstore site that you can trust? If yes, then kindly check this review to know all the key details about this pharmacy platform. In this review, we have covered the domain info, business profile info, regulatory approvals, and many other key details about this pharmacy site.

Domain Info
Registration Date2016-10-13
LocationCanada, US
Business Info
NameCanada Wide Pharmacy
Phone Numbers1-877-240-4438
Regulatory Bodies
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

First of all, you can have a look at this section in order to find all the details about the domain info of this site. According to WhoIs, this site is not a newbie as they have started operating the business in late 2016. The domain registration date is mentioned as 2016-10-13 and thus you can understand the site has got a few years of experience in the underlying industry. The domain will be expired on 2022-10-13. The domain is registered properly under the account holder of, LLC.


The only part you should note here is that the site has not shared the complete details about the domain registrar’s name or address. Rather, only the state and country name of the domain registrant is provided. For example, the state name is given as BC and the country name is mentioned as CA.

Business Profile

To know if this pharmacy owns a valid domain or not, you can check the business profile related details of this internet drugstore platform. In this case, we have obtained the info via ScamAdviser.


As per ScamAdviser, the site has received an extremely high trust rating which is 98%. Such a high trust rating is a clear indication that the drugstore is safe and reliable. It also indicates that the platform is running a legitimate business.

Speaking of the country likelihood of this drugstore, it’s being operated from Canada (most probably). If not, then the alternate country likelihood can possibly be the United States. Other business profile details of this drugstore are not mentioned. To be more precise, the business owner’s name, organization name, or contact details are not mentioned as such. These details are redacted for privacy.

Website Layout

The website of looks nicely organized. It offers full-service retail and online pharmacy services to its Canadian patients. The website is easy to navigate and gives you access to different types of medicines.

Regulatory Approvals

The pharmacy claims to be a fully licensed and approved drugstore website. In their FAQ section, the site has mentioned that they are fully regulated and certified by Pharmacists of British Columbia. In addition to it, we have tried to verify if this pharmacy has obtained the approval of LegitScript or not. Unfortunately, we have found that LegitScript does not have any info about this site.


Products and Pricing

You can easily place an order with this drugstore site for your required medicines. The site will provide you access to both generic and brand name pills that you can purchase at a low price. You will need a prescription to place an order with this pharmacy.


You can easily check the availability and pricing of a drug through the website of this drugstore. All you will have to type and enter the drug name and search for it.

Payment and Shipping

There are different types of payment options that you can avail in order to confirm your orders with this drugstore. To pay for an order with this pharmacy, you can use the following payment options, such as Credit cards or Money Orders.


Among your credit cards, you can use either Visa or MasterCard to confirm your orders with this drugstore. There are a shipping policy and shipping fee applied. The flat shipping fee of $10 is charged on all orders. Note, all orders are shipping through Canada Post service.


Delivery Timeline

Typically, it requires two days – seven days to deliver an order. But, the timeline highly varies based on your actual location. In some cases, it can take even more than the estimated timeline to deliver your orders. All orders are shipped within Canada only.


We have tried to validate if this pharmacy has received any customer testimonials or not. There are 13 Google reviews. Besides, we have come across 2 positive comments on Yelp.

positive comments

Conclusion is not a scam. It seems to be a completely legit pharmacy.

We have rated it with 3 stars.

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