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Is legit? Are you looking for a review on it? Well, as per the homepage website of this platform, it claims to be a trusted and world-famous pharmacy. So, it will be interesting to find out if their claims are true or not? Reveal more info about this platform in the following sections.

Domain Info
Registration Date2018-09-24
LocationUS, UK, Germany
Business Info
NameTrust Pharmacy
Phone NumbersUS: +1-718-487-9792
UK: +44-2032-397-7092
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: not in the database
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

To independently assess the domain info of this site, we have visited WhoIs. Note, the domain seems to be registered on a hidden registrar’s name which is PDR Ltd. d/b/a


The domain also seems to be quite a newbie as the domain registration date is given as 2018-09-24. This further proves that the site is totally inexperienced. Hence, their claim of being a trusted and world-famous pharmacy may not be valid. Their domain does not have much longevity as it is scheduled to be expired on 2020-09-24.

Now, the platform has shared ambiguous details about their domain registrant contact. The domain registrant name is given as Domain Admin which seems ambiguous. Likewise, the organization name and address details are hidden too. For your note, the domain registrant contact belongs to this address – street: 10 Corporate Drive, city: Burlington, state: MA, postal code: 01803, country: US.

Business Profile

Well, we will now validate the business profile related details of this pharmacy. To validate this info, we have visited ScamAdviser. Unfortunately, the details that we have obtained via ScamAdviser aren’t convincing enough. Plus, the site has received a very low trust score which is only 17%. Such a poor trust rating implies that it’s a very unsafe and unreliable platform. Do not trust this pharmacy ever.

low rating

There are a bunch of negative aspects of this pharmacy. For example, the identity of the pharmacy owner of the website is totally hidden. The site is getting operated from an unknown location. The actual country likelihood is not mentioned.

Plus, their business profile related info like the business owner name and organization name are fake. The details are quite similar to the domain registrant contact info which we have discussed above.

Regulatory Approvals

Let’s now check the website legitimacy of this drugstore. We have tried to find out of this drugstore has received any regulatory approvals or not. To check this, we have used the website of LegitScript.

As per LegitScript, they do not have any info about this pharmacy website. The probable reason behind it is that the drugstore is a newbie and they are operating since 2018.


Also, since the platform claims to be a Canadian drugstore, let’s now find out if they are approved by CIPA or not. According to the info that we have obtained via CIPA, the site is not approved by them too. Thus, it’s clear that the drugstore is unapproved by both CIPA and LegitScript.

Products and Pricing

This unapproved pharmacy deals with many types of drugs that include generic medicines:

  • allergies, anxiety, hair loss
  • skin care, weight loss, diabetes
  • depression, and blood pressure

These are all poor-quality medicines that come at a low price. Some of these drugs will cost you less than a dollar. Others will cost you around $1, $2, or $3. While the drug pricing is low, we really want to tell you that these are counterfeit and low-quality medicines. So, you should not intake such poor quality medicines ever.

Payment Methods and Shipping Policy

You can pay for an order with this drugstore website by using Visa and MasterCard. You can use a credit card to place your orders with this drugstore. It offers two types of shipping methods, such as Airmail and EMS Courier Delivery. For Airmail, the estimated delivery timeline is 2-3 weeks. For EMS Courier Delivery, the delivery method is 3-8 business days.


Customer Testimonials

This drugstore has some fake customer testimonials which you should not ever believe. This platform has put these fake customer reviews to deceive the patients like you. This pharmacy has no reliability and it’s not worth your trust.

fake comment

Conclusion is a rogue pharmacy that is operating an illegitimate business. Please do not trust this scam site.

We have rated it with 1 star.

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