Reviews – Undervalues Customer Safety is an online pharmaceutical company, claiming to be a leader in the industry. They also boast about having both happy and healthy customers, while supposedly selling generic medications, at the most cost-effective price point. A review was completed so that we were able to verify the legitimacy of this particular e-pharmacy. 

Domain Info
Registration Date2021-02-16
Business Info
NameTogether We Care
Phone Numbers+1-855-974-4443
Regulatory Bodies
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Domain Information

The domain information for this online pharmacy was publicly established on February 16th, 2021. The last public update occurred to the website on February 16th, 2021, with the expiration date currently set for February 16th, 2022.


This information is not easily verified when looking on the company website, with only a copyright stamp to give an indication – listed as 2022. It’s also important to note that while this e-pharmacy is named a “Canadian Pharmacy”, ownership is set to be located in Hong Kong, China. Similar to other questionable e-pharmacies, the owner’s information has been publicly redacted for privacy – indicating a paid service is used.

Business Profile

This speculation is justified when looking into ratings on a site like Scam Adviser. On the site, this e-pharmacy was given a score of only 1/100. This score is because of the owner’s hidden identity, the registrar of the site being popular amongst scammers, and the website being located in a high-risk country (China).


Regulatory Approval

Legality any e-pharmacy must submit themselves to, regulations are incredibly fundamental. This is because regulations keep customers safe, ensuring the legitimacy and consistency of medications being marketed.

It has been confirmed no licenses are held by this company by governing bodies like the CIPA or the CPA. Furthermore, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) has flagged this e-pharmacy, placing them on their do not recommend list. Whereas Legit Script states that the company hasn’t even been registered. This increases the concern over the use of this e-pharmacy’s services.

Products and Pricing

Consistent with other illegitimate pharmaceutical practices, this e-pharmacy host an A-Z pharmacy’. This means there is no specialization, holding a very large multitude of medicines – seemingly for every possible category of health issues.


Some examples of the specific categories of medicine are:

  • Antiviral, Blood Pressure, Cancer
  • Diuretics, Eye Care, Hair Loss
  • Infertility, Men’s Health, Pain Relief
  • Sleeping Aid, Women’s Health

While each medication does feature information on prices and dosages, there was an odd disclaimer on the About Us page. It stated that this e-pharmacy only gives general information about medications, which won’t cover all directions, possible drug interactions, or precautions. This is alarming, as pharmacists are supposed to fully inform customers, ensure prescriptions are valid, etc. Even more alarming, is that after posting this disclaimer, under the FAQ section, this e-pharmacy states all medications are FDA-approved. This information is highly conflicting and showcases the untrustworthiness of this company.

Payments and Shipping

Presently, this e-pharmacy’s FAQ page states that they only offer two payment methods – Visa and Mastercard.


Similarly, the company only offers two methods of shipping:

  • Registered Airmail (US Postal Service for American customers)
  • EMS Courier Delivery

Registered Airmail is quoted as taking approximately 2-4 weeks, while EMS Courier Delivery is quoted at approximately 7-15 business days. They do note that there may be delays with packages being held up at customs. They also mention that they do ship to PO Boxes.


This e-pharmacy does host a page for testimonials. The testimonials aren’t confirmed from social media platforms or rating sites and are all overwhelmingly positive – each holding a 4-5 star rating. A suspicious attribute of these testimonials is that they date back to December 2017, which is nearly four years before this company was supposedly established. This causes us to assume that they are highly falsified.

can be fake

This assumption is corroborated when looking at a third-party review site. On sites like Trustpilot, this e-pharmacy has yet to receive a single submitted review and ownership has not been claimed.


In conclusion, is not a website to be relied on to secure financial information. Not only is there no guarantee over the safety of the products sold, but the company also holds no proper licensing or regulatory practices. This proves that not only is this website more than likely a scam, but the company itself undervalues customer safety. Therefore, this e-pharmacy is receiving a rating of 1 star.

We will follow suit with the NABP, and not recommend using its services or purchasing the available products.

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