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Today, we will do a review, which will include studying them on a number of systems. This assessment aims to inform you of the reasons why this business is assured to be a legitimate pharmacy.

Domain Info
Registration Date2018-08-20
Business Info
NameCanadian Pharmacy Service
Phone Numbers+1-877-204-1505
Regulatory Bodies
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

Canadian Pharmacy Service is a drugstore that provides authorized medications that are delivered quickly, reliably, and with integrity. According to the website, the domain name was created on August 12, 2008, and it will end the same day in the year 2023. The most recent modification to the website was made on October 1, 2021, indicating that this is not active at this time. Nevertheless, this does not create the possibility of it being trustworthy. Some websites are just not updated since there aren’t enough customers to keep them going.


Business Profile

Despite the nice and legit products, it is not enough to build a good image for the website. In fact, even though Canadian Pharmacy has provided exemplary service to customers, it is not enough to make the profile nicely. Scam Adviser actually does not recommend the website to customers because NABP has recently reported its entirety.

not recommended

The trust rate received by the online drugstore is only 1/100, which is the worst score that one can get. With that in mind, you can still say that the website is legit because of its proven service and reliable products.

Regulatory Approvals

Since NABP has already filed a report against Canadian Pharmacy, it’s natural that they don’t verify the website as an owner of their certificate. But CIPA sees the website as a certified pharmacy. It does belong in the thousands of online pharmacies registered with these licenses.

active member

Products and Pricing

Unlike the other compounding retailers, American Mail Order Pharmacy’s website does not display medications. Rather than that, they do have a prescription area that includes a variety of solutions. To place an order, you must have a diagnosis from your physician, which will be delivered to you.


Shipping Methods and Delivery

Since the service fee will be discussed during the discussion, it’s not really shown on the website’s home. This is perhaps because it is dependent on the medication and the dosage. The web page can’t provide an expected cost, which is actually the correct method.


They do, however, provide a variety of payment options to ensure that every customer may find the proper fit. VISA, Mastercard, and PayPal are examples of such payment methods. Based on the specified location, the delivery date will only be revealed during the review process to determine the most appropriate shipping business for the consumer.


We did find some testimonies directing to Canadian Pharmacy from My WOT, but the two were saying negatively against the website. Both mentioned that NABP had reported the website, which made the pharmacy unreliable. Further assessments were yet to be made since the website has not published an official statement, but it looks like the claims were valid. Even if the products are legit, it does not mean that they are a legitimate product distributor.

negative rating


Because of consecutive results negatively towards every assessment, you can’t easily trust this Canadian Pharmacy. Please understand that drugstores sensitively require more licenses for them to be labeled as guaranteed and secured. This website is something that you should be cautious about because of the following reasons:

  • The website limits visitors’ access to tighten their security which is in contrast to their purpose of legitimate e-commercial.
  • Many customers reported the website, and there were also proofs of negative selling as referred to the testimonies of customers.

Still, we can’t just forget the fact that this website was once an accommodating, humble, and legit pharmacy, so we decided to still give it 3 stars out of 5.

Although 3 stars is a good rating, please still be cautious!

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