Raising Awareness of Chagas Disease

parasitic disease

A preexisting condition or disease can have a major impact on our lives. Having a disease not only has an effect on the sufferer, but it can also impact their loved ones and friends as well. According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “6 out of 10 people suffer from a chronic disease.” A disease can have mild or moderate symptoms and usually requires long-term medical care.

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Role of Daridorexant in Insomnia Treatment


In January 2022, a new medication was FDA approved for medical use in the United States. The medication is called “Dariodorexant”, which is used to help people suffering from insomnia. However, since this medication is so new, you may not be entirely educated on its clinical testing, its use of it, and many other important pieces of information. Therefore, this article will be highlighting all the useful and crucial aspects of this drug, that any potential user may need to be aware of.

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Omicron is Not That Mild

new variant

For the past two years, our world has been grappling with a new age pandemic – COVID-19. Despite public health officials’ warnings and the availability of a vaccine, folks still find a reason to doubt the severity of this illness and the dire need to protect ourselves against it. This is especially true in terms of the new variant, Omicron. Throughout this article, we will be presenting factual information, in hopes to provide proof that Omicron is not that mild.

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