Ivermectin: COVID ‘Miracle’ Drug


You may have heard of Ivermectin. A supposed miracle drug that is able to cure those affected by COVID-19. It is also touted as an alternative to getting vaccinated. We have to point this out straight away. Ivermectin does not help with COVID-19. There have been over a dozen studies conducted and none of them have produced conclusive results that support this thesis. 

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Health Impact of Global Meat Trade

eating meat

Meat is a staple food most sought-after by consumers alike because of both its availability and deliciousness. However, recent studies show that red meat and processed meat consumption are significantly linked to heightened health risks. According to BMJ Global Health, this is even more alarming given the constant increase in the global meat trade, which is consequently associated with multiple diet-related illnesses and deaths. 

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5 Hours of Exercise a Week Reduce Cancer Risk

keep cancer at bay

We all know that cancer is a really life-threatening and critical disease. Unfortunately, many people from all around the world suffer from this critical disease and go through very painful situations. Definitely, we want to cut off the possibilities of attracting such a deadly disease, isn’t it? The good part is that you can now reduce cancer risk very easily. According to the research, as little as five hours of exercise per day will significantly reduce the probability of cancer.

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Insomnia: Causes, Symptoms, and Available Remedies

hard to sleep

Insomnia is nothing but a common sleep disorder. You will really be surprised to know that insomnia is regularly affecting millions of people worldwide. Someone who is diagnosed with this sleep disorder may face any of the following problems, either difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep. As you probably know that every adult will need at least 7–9 hours of sleep (without any interruptions and problems) per day. Depending on the age, this required amount of sleep can vary a bit. 

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Prescription Drugs for Migraines

migraine disease

Migraine is a common issue for many! Not only adults but also kids even suffer from migraine pain. As you probably know that it can cause severe throbbing pain or an intense pulsing sensation. This pain usually occurs on any one side of your head. Migraine not only leads to severe and unbearable pain, but also it causes several other side effects, such as vomiting, nausea, and extreme sensitivity to sound and light. You will also be surprised to know that migraine pain can last for several days.

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