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Cenforce200Mg.com is an online pharmacy famously known for leading in supplying malicious pills that are generic and branded medicines too. Its main goal is ensuring that the online target audience is happy!

Domain Info
Registration Date2022-06-01
Business Info
Phone Numbersno
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Free Shipping

Domain Information

The drugstore was established on the 1st of June 2022 and does expire in 2023. Our research on godaddy.com shows that Cenforce200Mg.com is believed to be a US online pharmacy in the Arizona state, city of Tempe. Note that rogue companies do not last for more than a year.


Business Profile

Pharmaceutical businesses do well in matters of providing a detailed business profile. How can such an attractive online pharmacy, with fantastic goals to cater to the clients, lack an open business profile? This is a malice business name worst, is that the owner is private with contact and no email.


Regulatory Approvals

The company’s approvals are very essential in providing legit drugs for safe use. Even though this drugstore offers information on being certified to serve the US, UK, France, Australia, and many other countries, it is an alarming regret that bodies famously known for certifying online pharmacies prove that it has not yet been verified. Making purchases of drugs on this company’s website will be of great harm to your health be fully aware that drugs that are not tested and verified, may even cause sudden death.


Products and Pricing

The online pharmacy lures clients to believe in affordability offering reasonable pricing on generic and branded medicines. Something that many clients find happiness in buying.


Well, products available in a wide range such as: 

  • antibiotics, migraines
  • cancer, diabetes
  • HIV& AIDS, and many more

are given priority of winning free shipping for orders above $199 a great risky way to lure you to keep shopping until you get the free shipping. The products at a point, do get new offers and coupons all the time, for the recurring clients, or new clients.

Payment and Shipping

Ecommerce online pharmacy does give their clients the option of making payments via Visa or Mastercard but something alarming is that it is open to tell their clients to have the freedom of shopping using any form of payment method. I mean, if it is indeed genuine, then there is a need for it to be specific with what kind of payment methods you should be using.


It is so unfortunate that this online drugstore claims to be open in matters of shipping methods but does not mention anything to do with Standard Airmail Services and Trackable services. It confidently makes its clients believe in the idea of transparency by claims of having a fantastic return, exchange, and refund policy. And to spice it all up, you get a safe package. Stay woke and be aware of this kind of malice.

Delivery Details

The pharmacy is believed to bring your purchased product to your doorstep within fifteen to twenty-five days, and apart from that, it does offer you a valid tracking and shipping number. You can even make a call to inquire about how far your products are, they are smart enough to assure you in sending notifications but the major problem here is that our research shows that you may never receive your safe package or get help from their alleged customer service team. This kind of business is termed an extreme rogue one!

free delivery


The pharmacy website gives its clients the freedom to share their reviews. They have many positive reviews on their website. What shocks the most is that according to our research on Trustpilot, on a scale of one to a hundred, this drugstore has zero percent reviews. Quite confusing but it is a hazardous site to visit or browse on.

can be fake


Cenforce200Mg.com has a lot of characteristics to fall under risky businesses online. A search on Scamner, says the online pharmacy site should be avoided by all means and has a thirty-one percent chance of being a malicious site, with very minimal people visiting the site.

It is just another private business ready to steal from you!

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