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Many people use the online pharmacy trend to sell defective medicines and have bad service, which can be categorized as a scam. This is why we are here. In this article, we will help you gain knowledge on this pharmacy website through the CenforcePills.com review. You will know if this company is worth it or a store in disguise.

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Registration Date2021-05-07
LocationTurks and Caicos Islands
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NameCenforce Pills
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LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Business Data

The online pharmacy says is the best pharmacy website to purchase medicines online. It sells medicines that are prescribed or over the counter. With their company motto, serving the customer is their priority which means they accommodate their needs seriously and deliver what you need fastly.

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Domain Details

There is no published detail about the company’s registration date and number. What they only have is a registration for their online domain. The company is under the registrant Privacy Hero Inc. which was created on 2021-05-07 and had an expiration date of 2023-05-07. The company’s domain and server can be traced back to the United States. This is the only information presented on the domain search, which is skeptical as legal information should be presented on the website, but it is missing here.


Business Profile

The first thing you notice when visiting the pharmacy website is the combination of white and orange. Like any website, it has a header showing the company’s name, logo, and website features. The marketing section in the middle shows different marketing strategies like sales. On the bottom page is a blog about the company. There is nothing but a simple visual which can be pointed to as a red flag. The most legit company invests in their website as this shows a detail of seriousness and legitimacy.

Approved Regulations

Approved Regulation is one of the safety and security designs of the medicines released under a business. One without this can be considered a great risk as specific approval is needed, especially in medicines. But simply claiming it without proof can be considered another red flag.


There is no mention of approved regulations published on the website. Furthermore, according to their website policy, the company cannot verify the effectiveness of the medicines. Thus they do not encourage the customer to purchase there. Here alone, possess an excellent risk for safety. Not only that, the company has not mentioned approval for safety but declined to take responsibility which shows that the medicines they sell cannot be considered safe.

Settlement & Distribution

On the websites, the medicines are divided into five categories. All of their product’s prices range from $0.8 to $120. The website only accepts digital payments and not cash payments.


Below are some of the options you can choose for payment options:

  • Credit Cards
  • Net Banking
  • Online Wallet
  • And other digital payment

Transportation Details

The company ships the product as fast as it can. In their shipment policy, packaging and shipping are immediately done once the order is processed. The customer will receive an email once the logistics company picks up the parcel. You can track it through the website portal. The shipment process lasts between 7 and 21 days, depending on your location.


Customer Feedback

The testimonial is the most significant proof of a company’s legitimacy. On the website, the customers can rate the medicine individually, and testimonials are also present, but there is no way of verifying its truthfulness.


With this, we have searched for testimonials that can serve as proof. The NABP result shows that the company is on its no-to-buying list. It has a trust rating of 1/100 with feedback as not recommended store to purchase.


With all the information presented, this review proves that it is not a safe store to deal with and is a scam. Not only is legal information lacking, but there is also no approval from any pharmaceutical organization backing them up.

Yes, the website may sell affordable medicines, but since this medicine has no proof of legitimacy, this can be harmful. Also, even they have declined to take responsibility and pride in the effectiveness of the medicine. This shows that despite the beauty of the company’s prices, it is a store in disguise. A reality that CenforcePills.com is a 1-star online pharmacy.

Furthermore, the ratings and reviews prove that it is not a safe space to purchase any medicine.

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