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Centurion Rx is probably one of the pharmacies you’ll search for when you’re looking for medications for illnesses like pain relief, diabetes, men’s & women’s health, and more. The pharmacy actually looks decent and professional upon first notice. But, when you’re used to assessing pharmacies’ legibility of service, you’ll find loopholes that are present in scam retailers. This CenturionRxPharmacy.com review covers all the information you need to know why it could be a better one.

Domain Info
Registration Date2019-08-08
Business Info
NameCenturion RX
Phone Numbers(888)567-7830 (Toll Free) / (551)333-8270
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

Centurion RX’s domain has existed ever since August 8, 2019, and is deemed to expire in 2023. According to the Whois tool for domain information finder, the registrant of the domain was Glenn, who lives in Sacramento, California. Other informations were hidden and prohibited from the public. But still, through the limited information, we got to know that the pharmacy was actually established recently.


Normally, customers should be able to see the website’s establishment date to know whether or not they are new in service. But looking on the about section of Centurion Rx, they mentioned that the pharmacy has been in service since 2006. This information may or not be true, but the Whois tool for domains will never lie.

Business Profile

Pharmacy Centurion is a pharmacy that is said to be trustworthy when it comes to health and money. They claim to guarantee healing and medications for all at the lowest cost. They also claim to be a team of professionals in the medical field that are passionate about giving customer service and satisfaction. Their commitment is to help everyone have the medicines they seek delivered directly to their homes.


Now, to disclaim, we have nothing against their premises and vision in business. However, we aim to deliver only fact-checked information. According to Scam Adviser, Centurion Rx is actually reported by the NABP for it’s scam schemes and unrecommended services. On top of that, the pharmacy only received a 1/100 trust score which is the lowest possible rate for any drugstore.

Regulatory Approvals

As we go on to regulatory clearances, we are going to evaluate the website’s inspection, licenses, authorization, and anything else that may offer them with a reliable starting point. Regarding this particular matter, we attempted to look for the pharmacy website by using LegitScript, CIPA, and NABP; however, none of these resources returned any results or demonstrated any affiliation with the pharmacy in question. This information strengthens our claim that Centurion Rx is actually a scam that engages in the unlawful distribution of drugs.

rogue status

Products and Pricing

The prices seem to be a little higher than expected. Since they claim to provide the cheapest medications, we expected the prices to be lower than usual pharmacies, but they didn’t live up to their promises.


Based on the products listed in Centurion Rx, we can see that they offer medications for:

  • diabetes, pain relief, allergies
  • hair loss, beauty, antibiotics, and blood pressure
  • as well as health for both women and men

Payment and Shipping

Because they take both credit and debit cards, making payments and conducting transactions at Centurion Rx is a simple and convenient process. Additionally, they take Bitcoin in addition to other forms of cryptocurrency. Standard shipping is available for a cost of $15 and can take anywhere between 18 and 25 business days to arrive. Since that is the only piece of information that has been disclosed thus far on their checkout page, we are still determining whether or not it is secure.



We could have been more successful in our search for reviews and recommendations pertaining to the online pharmacy. This may be because the clients don’t pay much attention to the drugstore. The fact that their marketing is ineffective despite the fact that NABP still branded them as unrecommended indicates that there is clearly something fishy going on with this website.

no reviews


If you’ve read at least one pharmacy review on our website, you’ll know the different tactics of scammers to trick customers into thinking they are reliable. Please know that, as much as possible, we keep the judgements fair and fact-based. Now, it’s safe to say that Centurion Rx doesn’t meet the standards of a legit pharmacy. It doesn’t have regulatory approvals nor testimonials that are much needed to back up their statements.

Hence, we decided to give them 1 star only.

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