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Trying to find out a review of CertifiedPills.com? If yes, then you have surely come down to the right page. We are going to validate and verify all the key info about this pharmacy including the domain, business profile, products, pricing, and more. All these details will help you to figure out if this platform is safe or if it’s another scam. Now, please follow the entire article and reveal the details.

Domain Info
Registration Date2019-05-27
LocationUnited States
Business Info
NameCertified Pills
Phone Numbers+1248-572-1338
Regulatory Bodies
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

The first check of this review is all about its domain which we have captured via whois.com. Note, that the domain registration date is 2019-05-27, hence it’s evident that this drugstore is operating for 3 years. We can’t say that this is an experienced drugstore website. In fact, we will like to mention that this drugstore is inexperienced and kind of a newbie.


Now, coming to the domain registrant’s contact details, just like rogue pharmacies – this platform has also purposely hidden the key domain info. For example, the contact name and address for the domain registrant are totally ambiguous. Well, the domain registrant contact name is given as Registration Private – ambiguous. Based on our experience, we will like to mention that there are so many rogue pharmacies like CertifiedPills.com that do not share the actual info about the domain and business owner. Let’s explore more about the business owner’s info in the next section.

Business Profile

Unfortunately, this platform has received just a 65% trust score and it has even hidden the actual business owner’s info. Other details like business organization and address are totally ambiguous. Please never trust these details.


Regulatory Approvals

Want to ensure if this drugstore has obtained any regulatory approvals or not? Surely, not! For instance, if you check the info available on LegitScript.com, you won’t actually find any valid info about this pharmacy.

no results

In fact, LegitScript has further mentioned that they do not have any info or details available about this pharmacy website. So, when a pharmacy is operating its business, should you like to trust the platform? Of course, you should not! Starting from selling inferior medicine products to running malicious businesses, there are several reasons due to why the platform has failed to receive any approval.

Products and Pricing

According to the About Section, Certified Pills claims to be a prominent online distributor of various medications and generic drugs. Further, they claim to be a leading online drug store in the USA that offers a huge supply of affordable medications all across the world. But, we will recommend you not to trust this info.


It’s true that this drugstore website sells different types of generic medicines but you are recommended not to intake them as the quality of these pills is not worth it at all. Since the quality is compromised, the pharmacy has kept the drug pricing as low as possible. Most pills will cost you about a dollar per pill. 

Payment and Shipping

So far, we have covered all the necessary info about the product and pricing. To purchase these medications, the pharmacy recommends going for online payment options, especially you can use credit cards or debit cards for online order placing.

Once a customer places an order, the platform may take up to two business days to dispatch the orders. Once the order is dispatched, the shipment is processed to various worldwide locations.

Delivery Timeline

This pharmacy may take around 10 business days to deliver an online order. In some cases, the delivery may take a while. For instance, the delivery may take 30 business days in some cases. If the order is not delivered even after 30 business days, then you can ask for a reshipment of the order.


Customer Feedback

We have also checked whether this pharmacy has received any customer reviews or not. As per TrustPilot, there are a total of 27 reviews and most of them are positive. Well, having 27 customer reviews is still a small number and we believe that this site has not gained enough customer trust.

might be fake


CertifiedPills.com is not a reliable site. They do not have any approval as well.

We have rated it with only 1 star.

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