Reviews – More Legit Than Expected is an American site that does a lot of things right. However, it also does several things wrong. For instance, no one can tell for certain where the company comes from because it has decided to keep key pieces of information out of the data it has published. This makes them slightly more difficult to evaluate. 

Domain Info
Registration Date2018-09-12
Business Info
NameHappy Family Store
Phone Numbers+1-888-243-74-06
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Domain Details

Their domain is decent. They came into existence five years ago (as of this moment) on the 14th of March 2016. Their domain is expected to expire in 2023. This gives them two attractive attributes. First of all, they are not the oldest website but they are old enough.


At the very least, you cannot dismiss them for being too young. Secondly, their domain’s expiration date is quite far off. This shows that they have quite a bit of confidence in their ability to remain operational on the internet despite the competition.

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They managed to score a ScamAdviser rating of 100 percent. That number tells you everything you need to know. ScamAdviser clearly expects you to trust this domain. It based its evaluation on all the positive attributes surrounding the site.

high trust

That includes their domain age, decent traffic levels, and the presence of external reviews. Their profile has a few kinks. For instance, the owner is anonymous. That always raises suspicions. 

Business Profile

The organization has a decent website. It is attractive, informative, and easy enough to navigate. However, most of their content is vague. It doesn’t provide any concrete information that tells you who they are.

For instance, it has failed to publish a business address. This is crucial because a business address tells you the location of an organization. Consumers are normally expected to stay away from stores that are based in high-risk countries.

some features

However, many pharmacies in high-risk countries avoid this stigma by hiding their location. Of course, this platform’s decision to hide its business address has only succeeded in attracting suspicion.

They have an American phone number. But a drugstore doesn’t have to be based in the US to get an American number. Their contact information doesn’t tell you anything. Even more damning is the absence of information regarding their personnel.


Medical sites cannot win their consumers over unless they prove that their operations are managed by a licensed pharmacist that can be trusted to dispense genuine products. If they had a real pharmacist behind the scenes, they would have published their identity, giving suspicious patients a chance to vet their qualifications.

By hiding the identities of their employees, they have made it all but impossible for people to trust their drugs. None of this proves that they are a scam. Rather, their mistakes raise suspicions that you cannot afford to ignore them because the pharmaceutical industry is filled with so many scammers. 

You are encouraged to stay away from any shops that give you even the mildest reason to mistrust them. This one has given you several reasons. Though, again, none of this proves that they are not legit. 

Regulatory Authorization

Even though their ScamAdviser rating is so high, they have failed to prove to LegitScript that they are a legal, transparent, and reliable internet pharmacy which is why the resource has given them a rogue classification.

rogue status

Available Products

They sell products that tackle sex-related issues in men and women.


Their drugs are manufactured by renowned companies such as:

  • Pfizer
  • Cipla
  • Sun Pharma
  • GSK
  • Ranbaxy, and so many more

Payments and Deliveries

They accept most of the common payment options, including debit and credit cards, E-checks, and bank transfers. They will use either courier shipping or EMS to make deliveries depending on your location. Though, it is unclear as to how long it takes their packages to reach consumers. Their drugs are very cheap.



They don’t have a dedicated testimonials page, and they don’t need one. They have plenty of excellent reviews on TrustPilot where consumers have praised them for their high-quality products, efficient delivery system, and great customer service. 

positive rating


This internet pharmacy has an attractive website, several positive reviews on an external platform, and a strong ScamAdviser rating. But they have also failed to secure proper regulatory authority.

They earn a rating of 2.5 stars.

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