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A beverage is a sure thing with almost any meal. For some, when they’re thirsty, it’s nothing like having their favorite drink to quench their thirst. It’s no secret, some drinks are better for you than others. For example, water is a must-have for hydration and to flush your system.

Too much of any drink can cause a reaction in the body. Your doctor may advocate against too much cola. However, tea can be very therapeutic and be a holistic aid for simple factors like promoting sleep or reducing obesity. Coffee is a very popular beverage that has several variants ranging from hot to cold. Keep reading more details below to learn more details about coffee.

Coffee: Brief History

According to PBS online, “coffee has a rich history that dates back to thirteenth-century Ethiopian oral tradition.” There are quite a few myths surrounding coffee, but next, let’s take a look at the source of its origins.


Coffee comes from a tropical evergreen coffee plant. As a roasted beverage, it’s often times brewed and consumed warm or hot from coffee beans. In fact, coffee is among one the three top beverages in the world. Individuals usually consume ground coffee beans or instant coffee. 

Amazingly, coffee is a profitable international commodity. It’s the world’s most exported commodity alongside oil says, World Population. The beverage is native to sub-Saharan Africa. Coffee was originally documented as Kaffa in Ethiopia. Today, coffee continues to be a popular oral tradition in Africa.

Oftentimes, coffee is an acquired taste. People who enjoy coffee enjoy it, but those who don’t drink it aren’t fond of the taste. Are you a coffee drinker? Next, let’s take a look at a few of the myths surrounding the popular beverage in more detail below.

What are Myths Surrounding Coffee?

Note: There are no scientific facts to back any of the myths stated below.


1. Coffee Stunts Your Growth 

The myth that coffee stunts your growth has been around for centuries. Research isn’t clear on how the myth started, but it’s definitely an old fable. There is no scientific evidence to back up the claim that coffee stunts your growth.

2. Coffee Causes Insomnia 

Medical facts show coffee leaves your system within a few hours. Although coffee is a stimulant, it’s processed through the liver fast and doesn’t possess the capability of putting you to sleep by having a cup at lunch. Your next cup of “Joe” won’t be the culprit behind the need for an afternoon nap.

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3. Coffee Is A Weight Loss Supplement 

Coffee can slightly increase your metabolism, but it doesn’t help you lose weight. It can decrease your desire to eat for a short period of time, but there is no proof that it can help aid in weight loss. Surprisingly, it’s a myth to believe coffee can contribute to long-term weight loss.

There are other myths surrounding coffee as well. To learn more about coffee, visit recent online pharmacy reviews for details. Take a look at the short video clip below to learn more about coffee.

Coffee drinkers should be aware of the scientifically proven downside of consuming their favorite beverage. First, let’s take a look at what it looks like to consume a moderate amount of coffee. 

When is Too Much 

An excessive amount of coffee can start to manifest side effects. For some, four cups a day can be a reason to cut back. However, for others, only a small amount of caffeine consumption can increase their risk of having side effects. 


Positive Effects

Do you drink a few cups of coffee a day? Maybe you drink a cup with your daily meals. Research shows, there are benefits to drinking coffee. We’ll take a look at the top two medically proven benefits below. 

Drink Coffee & Live Longer

Based on statistics from a Harvard research study, “drinking coffee can slightly reduce your chances of premature death.”  Individuals drinking coffee have a 5-10% chance of slightly increasing their life expectancy when compared with non-drinkers. The studies have been quite impressive and steadily consistent on the benefits of coffee and the average lifespan. Search online pharmacy reviews for more facts on coffee. 

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Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Drinking coffee for adults 40 to 69 years of age has very promising data on cardiovascular disease. The American College of Cardiology says, “coffee lovers can reduce their risk of cardiovascular and heart disease.” Research shows that 2-3 cups a day can lower your risk of getting either of the two devastating diseases. Although there are improved health benefits of drinking coffee, research doesn’t suggest increasing your coffee intake. 

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Thus, there are both myths and true facts about drinking coffee. The above-mentioned facts include caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee. Many people add sweeteners or cream to their beverages that were not included in the above-mentioned studies. Moderate caffeine consumption has very promising improvements on the body which include: 

  • improved energy 
  • enhanced mood 
  • increased cognitive functions
  • better physical activity

That’s good news for coffee lovers. There’s no need to stop drinking coffee unless you’re advised by your doctor. More importantly, there’s no need to increase your consumption under the pretext of overnight or magical medical results. If you drink coffee, it’s not necessarily a bad thing and you can continue. 


Coffee has good benefits. The negative side effects are often caused by consuming too much coffee. Today, caffeine the leading ingredient in coffee can be found in many different beverages. However, coffee is merely enjoyed warm or hot anymore. Today, you can get ice-brewed coffee too which usually contains ice. 

Coffee lovers around the world have a reason to enjoy drinking coffee. Whether it’s roasted or brewed, coffee is known as a traditional beverage around the world. How will you drink your next cup of coffee?

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