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The whole world is plagued by a coronavirus. With the fast-rising number of infections, countries all over the world are looking for a solution to this mayhem. While a dedicated coronavirus drug is not available yet, but there are a few causes of drugs that have been beneficial. It is one of the reasons why there is increasing interest in such drugs showing anecdotal evidence to treat coronavirus. Today, we will answer some questions related to the treatment of coronavirus. Without any ado, let us look at the most pressing question that is, what is the treatment for coronavirus?

What is Treatment for Coronavirus?

There are no specific vaccinations or drugs designed to combat coronavirus. Fortunately, there is anecdotal evidence that a couple of other drugs might help in melting or breaking down the membrane of coronavirus and helping to limit the spread of the virus in the body and, ultimately, eliminating it.


The drugs being currently used are:

  • Hydroxychloroquine
  • Azithromycin

The combination of these drugs is being used. We would go into the exact details of these drugs below.



Hydroxychloroquine is a drug that was initially developed by the Bayer company. It was developed as an antimalarial drug and mainly used for the treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis all over the globe. It is still used in various parts of the world to deal with malaria. However, on a stand-alone basis, it is not that effective to deal with coronavirus. Only when it is combined with the second drug on the list as per medical trials and reviews, it shows anecdotal evidence that it can deal with COVID-19.


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Azithromycin is used in the treatment of infections. It is an antibiotic used to deal with other bacterial infections as well. Whenever there is an accumulation of mucus in the body, this drug is prescribed by the doctors to tackle the mucus. It can kill a wide variety of viral and bacterial infections.

Due to this reason, it is also recommended for patients when suffering from common cold or flu. Since this virus has symptoms similar to flu, this medicine can undoubtedly help in eradicating those symptoms as well.


The combination of these drugs is being used to treat coronavirus. The problem is clinical trials do not back that anecdotal evidence. Authorities all over the world do not have the time to conduct clinical trials. It is one of the reasons why these drugs are being used in off label fashion to deal with coronavirus.

At the same time, only severe cases are being shortlisted for the use of these drugs. Up until now, there have been cases where patients have benefited from these drugs.

However, without clinical trials, nobody can be 100% sure that these drugs can help every patient infected with the coronavirus.

Are There Any Hydroxychloroquine Side Effects?

Without knowing the side effects of any drug, large-scale use is not possible. While this drug for the treatment of malaria has undergone many clinical trials, but the same cannot be said for the treatment of coronavirus. Even when it underwent clinical trials for use against malaria, there were a few side effects observed. The side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Sun sensitivity

However, these side effects are not observed in every case. Thus, the usage of these drugs for the treatment of coronavirus is not entirely side effect free. We understand that you might have other questions related to the use of these drugs in the treatment of coronavirus. We will answer them below.

What Do Hydroxychloroquine Reviews Say?

Of course, since the information regarding the use of Hydroxychloroquine is limited, you would want to know what Hydroxychloroquine reviews say. That is why we scoured for Hydroxychloroquine reviews online and have summarized it for you.


When you go through the reviews of this drug, most of them are for anti-malaria usage, also, Hydroxychloroquine side effects are few and far in between.

Most of the patients commented that as long as they stuck to the doctor prescribed dosage, they did not suffer from any side effects.

Also, when you go through the reviews, another thing which you will realize is that it is difficult to get the drug without a doctor’s prescription.

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A few patients did suffer from nausea, but it was easy to treat and not that severe.

Thus, once you go through these observations, it is easy to understand that if your doctor recommends it for treatment, you do not have anything to worry about.

Can Anyone Consume Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin?

Ever since the news broke out that these two drugs can help in the treatment of coronavirus, there has been hoarding of these two drugs. However, you need to remember that patients cannot consume these drugs directly. There are quite a few reasons for the same. These reasons include:


Only doctors can determine whether it is suitable for patients suffering from coronavirus or not.

Since it is recommended for off label use, these drugs can only be consumed by patients under medical supervision.

Also, the dosage of these drugs needs to be regulated pretty precisely. It is one of the prime reasons why everyone cannot consume these drugs.


The overconsumption of these drugs can lead to drug poisoning as well. Hence, only doctors can recommend and administer these drugs.

That is why these are not the magic solution for coronavirus. The drugs are used in emergency cases by doctors. Only under medical supervision, patients can think about consuming these drugs. In most countries, buying these drugs requires a prescription. That is why you cannot get them as over-the-counter drugs. It is why you cannot directly think about consuming these drugs.

Are These Drugs under Clinical Trials?

While some countries have started the trials, but the bulk of the countries are focused on halting the march of coronavirus.


That is why only a handful of trials are currently underway regarding the use of these drugs. It usually can take up to 6 months to even nine months for the clinical trials to establish whether these drugs are effective for coronavirus or not. It is the general timeline over which clinical trials take place.

Should You Buy These Drugs?

The answer is no. Hoarding these drugs will not benefit anyone and will reduce their supply for the patients who are under medical supervision. That is why; doctors would not be able to access them. On the other hand, even if you buy them, you cannot consume them unless a doctor prescribes you to do so. That is why hoarding them will not be of any use. Keeping this in mind, it is advisable not to buy these drugs and rely on your medical practitioner to prescribe you the best course of treatment.

Is There Any Other Treatment for Coronavirus?

The answer is no. There is no other treatment for coronavirus. Up until now, these drugs have anecdotal evidence to end and eliminate the virus. That is why; doctors are now relying only on these few drugs.


There is some evidence that vitamin C also aids in the functioning of these drugs. However, on a stand-alone basis, vitamin C cannot do much.

So, in case you are puzzled about the coronavirus treatment, our guide above can help you out. However, it does not recommend any self-use of medication. It is always better to consult your medical practitioner to find the best course of action in case the virus infects you.

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