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Online shopping for medicines and prescription drugs is one of the many advantages technology and the internet has given us. From placing orders, exchanging transactions, and tracking deliveries, online selling has become a marvel. However, some take advantage of this benefit and perform fraudulent activities when given a chance. Find out why this DfhPharm.com review has resulted in a scam earning a 1-star rating for it with this detailed reference and list.

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Registration Date2021-11-11
Business Info
NameDFH Pharmacy
Phone Numbers+1 (888) 243-74-06
+44 (800) 041-87-44
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Business Profile

In reviewing what their business does, just brief information is given to the audience. They have mentioned that this online pharmacy has been in the market for 3 years and has enough experience. They aim to provide their customers with safe generic drugs of high quality and well-discounted prices.


Upon extensive background research on this said online drugstore, it is found in the article that they have no direct pharmaceutical standard operations and only rely on subpar materials and processes for their production, manufacturing, and distribution. With all these statements, this can surely be rated as a scam.


The only clear approval that the online pharmacy has ensured through claims and not official registration or licensing is their FDA Approval. They have mentioned in brief on their online website along the “About Us” page that all that they distribute are recognized and approved through the terms and conditions in line with the Indian FDA, which is said to be within international standards.

rogue status

They also display approvals and memberships on their online drugstore website from MIPA and CPA. Although they claim they are members and part of these organizations, we all know that it is not enough for their audiences to believe it. There should be a legit and even signed memorandum stating that the company is an active member and has passed the standards of these pharmaceutical and medical-legal bodies.

Products and Pricing

Checking the products and pricing of this website is easy to process. The review made here resulted in a store that is highly related to fraudulent activities or a scam. They are forerunners of medicines specifically targeted to those experiencing issues with: fertility, performance, and intimacy, especially men, and even diseases or sicknesses contracted through the aftermath of being intimate. A definite clickbait and fishing technique for which experts in activities doing a scam are known.


A clearer review of the pricing shows that these medicines distributed by the said pharmacy are cheaper than the usually branded drugs we know. This is because they use alternative raw materials for the medicines. It has the same active ingredient and effect as per their claims, but it has differences in shape, color, texture, and name, of course, being that it is a generic form or alternative.

The payment scheme of this drugstore found online is seemingly a normal form of credit card payment; however, the shipping and delivery process is where it is a bit sketchy.

Shipping and Delivery

They have an insanely long wait for shipping and sketchy means for the payment process. There is an additional fee if you wish to deliver it via a trackable logistics delivery. Right from this payment scheme, you will know it is a huge fault. You won’t be able to know as well if they have packed your order or even sent it out for shipping already.


Trackable logistics and shipping should be mandatory and not require additional fees. To make this clear, they offer standard delivery through EMS and usual package transfers that do not have a chance for you to track at all. This means you paid for it in advance without the certainty of having to know where your package is or if it will come to you right after you have placed the order. A certified scam movement and fraudulent activity at best.


All the entries done here are scripted and auto-generated. In short, it means they are fake and are all authored by the same person, making it look like many have submitted their entries. In reality, it was just done for the sake of having their website populated by many reviews and good testimonials, but there is no truth to it all.



They will have you pay in advance and not show you the real happening of what is going on with your product. The brands they also offer are generic at best, meaning they can only serve half of the actual dosage needed since these only substitute goods and alternative ingredients.

For this site, their review result is concluded as a scam and a fraudulent form of service.

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