Reviews – Going for Stars is an online store that deals in prescription and non-prescription drugs for humans and their beloved pets. They strive for the highest standards required by the industry. This article reveals important details about this site.

Domain Info
Registration Date2021-01-27
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NameDiscount Canada Drugs
Phone Numbers1-833-345-0422
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LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Domain Information

This website is seen by ScamAdviser as suspicious and received a trust score of 27%. The traffic to this site as revealed by Tranco is very low. This domain has been in existence for less than 3 years. According to WhoIs, the registration date was 2021-01-27 and it is to be renewed on 2023-01-27. An update was last carried out on 22-01-28. A valid SSL certificate exists on this site. The website speed was found to be slow and this can discourage visitors from engaging in the site.


Business Information

Discount Canada Drugs is an online prescription referral service that provides customers with direct access to affordable prescription and non-prescription medications. This online store provides support to customers. Their representatives can be reached online through their LiveChat feature and by email 7 days a week. Orders on this store can be placed online, by fax, by live chat service, or by standard post.

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Regulatory Approval

Our search has proven the claims of this website as a member of CIPA to be true. It is among the 63 websites permitted to display the CIPA seal. Receiving an approval from the necessary agencies is essential to boosting the confidence of potential customers in a brand.

active member

Product and Pricing

Up to 3 months’ supply of medications can be supplied to a customer at a time. These products are made available at the lowest price possible.


The product categories available in this store include:

  • acne, allergies, anemia, anti-cancer
  • anti-malaria, birth control, breast cancer
  • dental hygiene, dry eyes, fertility, foot care
  • hair loss, pain, weight loss, etc.

Payment and Shipping

Prescription orders are shipping within a week of receiving the prescription, placing the order, and receiving payment. Over-the-counter medications are usually shipped within 3 business days. Once shipped, medication will take approximately 2 to 4 weeks to arrive at the residence.


Shipping is available to the following countries:

  • Australia, Brazil, Chile
  • China, Costa Rica, France
  • Hong Kong, Italy, Japan
  • Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines
  • Singapore, Spain, Switzerland
  • the UK, and the United States

Payment for an order may be made by any form of credit card accepted by the pharmacy.


Testimonials on the service and products of this online store were not found on any review site. On the site, we found up to 500 reviews from supposed customers. However, with the number of testimonials, one can say that this online store can be trusted.

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Being new in the online space, one can assume that they would be trying to gain balance. The growth of this online store in a short period means that they provide satisfactory service or products to consumers.

Based on its reviews and regulatory approval received, our rating of this online store is 3 stars.

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