Reviews – No Reason to Doubt is a Canadian pharmacy that uses local and international fulfillment centers to dispense medical products to the people that need them. The trust the store enjoys can be attributed to the fact that it has been around for a very long time. Long lifespans tend to instill confidence in skeptical consumers. 

Domain Info
Registration Date1999-04-21
Business Info
NameDoctor Solve Healthcare Solutions Inc.
Phone Numbers+1-866-732-0305
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Unapproved
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Domain Details

If you have any doubts about this site’s legitimacy, the domain age will dispel them. The domain was created in 1999. They have been around since the 21st of April, which is such a long time. If their business is a scam, they have done an impressive job of hiding it. 


Related Websites

They have quite a few related domains. Though, most of them are obscure. Their ScamAdviser rating is just 1 percent, which is surprising when you consider their strong domain age and valid SSL certificate. Either ScamAdviser made a mistake or they know something that the public doesn’t.

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It is most likely a mistake because they praised the site for their Alexa rank but then attacked them for being young. However, the medical platform is not young. ScamAdviser’s rating cannot be trusted in this case.

Business Profile

The medical shop was created by Doctor Paul Zickler. Zickler, who has nearly two decades of experience in the medical field, was shocked to learn that a patient was only taking half of their medicine because they couldn’t afford the full dose. 

This brought to Zickler’s attention the exorbitant fees associated with prescription drugs. He hated the idea of his patients failing to get the healthcare products they needed because they did not have the money.

about them

His solution was to establish an online prescription service that would make prescription products easier to access and more affordable. Zickler’s company was one of the first internet entities to offer affordable medications to Americans

But Zickler was not satisfied with simply offering a prescription service. He wanted his drugstore to tackle the worries that plague many American patients, which is why this platform employs a team of professionals that are standing by to deliver compassionate and informative advice. 

To buy medicine, you must visit their website. They have a search tool that allows patients to locate the pills they want. Once you find the item you need, you must specify the dosage and the type before you can proceed to the checkout section.


The website sells both generic and brand-name medications. The prices you will encounter will depend on your selection. Even though some people only visit them because they want to buy Canadian medicine, the packages they deliver do not always originate from Canada.

Sometimes, they use their international fulfillment centers to meet the demands of their consumers. But they only partner with licensed suppliers whose merchandise can be trusted. They do not sell counterfeit pills

Regulatory Authorization

Their LegitScript classification is ‘unapproved’. That is a better classification than most internet pharmacies receive from LegitScript. More importantly, they have been recognized and verified by CIPA. As a Canadian platform, CIPA is the only organization whose accreditation matters. Because CIPA recognizes them, you don’t have to fear them. You can trust that everything they do is legal and above board.

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Available Products

Because they use various partners in countries like New Zealand and the UK to fulfill customer orders, they can get most drugs that people expect to find in a drugstore. Though, they do not sell controlled substances. Don’t expect to find narcotics in their stock. You have to present a valid prescription before they can process an order that involves prescription pills.


Payment and Deliveries

Their prices are very enticing. They don’t have coupon codes but they promise savings of up to 80 percent. Their clients are expected to use Personal checks, certified checks, American Express, Money Orders, and Electronic Checks to make payments. They only ship to the US and Puerto Rico. Because they are a legal medical entity, they cannot accept returns regardless of the reason.



Because they have been around since 1999, they have several customer reviews. The reviews are mixed. Some of the feedback is positive. But some clients have significant complaints. This works in their favor because it makes the reviews look real. Scams keep making the mistake of filling their testimonials page with nothing but positive reviews. This makes it so much easier for people to realize that they are fake.

positive review


None of their weaknesses is significant enough to taint the strong reputation they have built over the years, which is why they have landed a trust rating of 3 stars.

The internet pharmacy is not perfect.

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