Reviews – Uncertain Medicine Dealer claims to belong in the leading pharmacies that provide the best generic services. The website also promises reliable and affordable medicine for everyone. However, their baseless statements should not be trusted easily without examination. Hence, today, we aim to provide an honest review for your interest.

Domain Info
Registration Date2019-08-20
Business Info
NameDose Pharmacy
Phone Numbers+1-309-722-4555
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Domain Info

Based on the information provided by WhoIs, the online pharmacy was registered last August 08, 2019, and will expire on the same date in 2024. The previous process and update conducted on the website were last February 28, 2022, which indicates that it is active.


The registrant is named after Privacy Hero Inc, which is the organization itself. They are located in the city of Grace Bay, Providenciales. They also provided phone and face numbers as well as email addresses.

Business Profile

Dose Pharmacy is one of many online pharmacies spread on the internet. It gives the usual service of selling medical products for health, skincare, weight loss, etc. No medical professional is mentioned in their platform, and even the contact section only has customer service.


Please note that without the presence of a medical practitioner, a pharmacy should not be trusted completely. For that, we run the website in Scam Adviser to check its legitimacy. The result is quite surprising as it has 100/100 trust score and is likely to be legit.

Regulatory Approvals

Although the subject drugstore claims to be a reliable website, it should be backed up by regulatory approvals and certifications. Upon checking, we learned that Dose Pharmacy is not verified by CIPA. It is also not an accredited drug distributor of NABP. Because of that, there is no guarantee that this platform is trustworthy.


Products and Pricing

While browsing in the online pharmacy, it can be observed that they offer a bunch of medications. Though, it looks like they specialize in the categories of COVID-19 essentials, anti-worm, and men’s health.


These are the best selling products that they offer:

  • Iverheal tablet 12mg
  • Vermact 12mg
  • Nizonide tablet 500mg
  • Iverfast tablet 12mg
  • Isotroin capsule 20mg
  • Banocide Forte 100mg
  • Niclosan Tablet 500mg

They also offer other common and general medicines/products. The pricing is no different from other online pharmacies, so it can’t be labeled as overpricing.

Payment and Shipping

Dose Pharmacy offers different quantity options for each product before you proceed in adding to the cart. So, let’s say, for example, you choose the 30 tablets, you will be redirected to the cart. There, they display the subtotal price, quantity, and general price.


They also have coupon space for applying discounts. After that, click proceed to checkout. You’ll be given some billing details that you need to fill in, such as personal information and address. The payment method they offer for international shipping is either through PayPal or bank transfer.

Delivery Details

There will be no delivery details provided unless you place the order. However, all that can be said is that this pharmacy offers international shipping. The payment will be completed within 12 hours of transferring for the PayPal method. So surely, the delivery process will be affected accordingly.


We ran Dose Pharmacy in four different review-finder platforms but failed to gather any information. That’s a massive indication that this website can’t be trusted as feedback and customer testimonials are essential in buying a product.

164 reviews

Even though there are reviews displayed inside the website, they are entirely in control of it. They can simply show the ones that give them positive reviews and even modify it as they want. Hence, we will not consider it as proof.


Through all the evidence and information gathered regarding Dose Pharmacy, it can be concluded that they are not much of a trustworthy website. We concluded that the reasonable rate to be given is 2 out of 5 stars.

Dose Pharmacy is an uncertain medicine dealer.

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