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EdMedsCanada.com claims to be the number #1 pharmacy in Canada. The online drugstore offers you 20% or even more discounts on various medications. If you are interested to know whether this internet pharmacy is legit or not, then please check this review for all the details.

Domain Info
Registration Date2018-04-07
Business Info
NameED Meds Canada
Phone Numbers+44-2036-082-857
Regulatory Bodies
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Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

The domain details of this internet pharmacy can be found in this section. We have found that the domain is not much old. The domain has been registered on 2018-04-07 and it will be expired on 2022-04-07. The domain’s registrar name is provided too.


The domain’s registrar name is given as 1API GmbH. However, we believe that this info is ambiguous. Being a rogue pharmacy, the platform has not shared the correct details about its domain.

Let’s now talk about the domain registrant’s contact details. The state name is given as Zuid-Holland and the country is provided as NL. Plus, the email address is provided as well. Note, all these details appear to be ambiguous.

Business Profile

Please have a look at this section to know the business profile info of this online pharmacy platform. The pharmacy has received a moderate trust score of 70%. Such a moderate trust score implies that the pharmacy is not worth it. It’s clearly mentioned that there is a small risk associated with this drugstore, as per ScamAdviser.


Here’re some key details about the business profile of this internet pharmacy

  • The business owner’s name is redacted for privacy.
  • The business organization’s name is redacted for privacy.
  • The identity of the business owner of the website is hidden on whois.com.
  • The pharmacy has received a low trust score of 70%.
  • The website is risky and unreliable.

Based on all this info, we must state that this pharmacy is not worth your trust. 

Regulatory Approvals

In the previous sections, you have revealed that the online pharmacy has received ambiguous details about their domain info and business profile info.


Do you want to know that if this platform has received any regulatory approvals? To check this, we have used LegitScript. However, the worst part is that LegitScript has not received any information about this pharmacy. They have no proper info about this site. So, it looks like the drugstore is not legitimate.

Hence, we have already warned you that this online drugstore is not really worth your trust. Such pharmacies mostly run illegitimate business actions. That’s why we do not recommend such a drugstore to you!

Products and Pricing

Are you now interested to find out what are the available products of this drugstore site? Well, this pharmacy mainly sells men’s health and women’s health-related medicines. Unfortunately, rogue pharmacies have a common tendency of selling poor-quality men’s health and women’s health-related drugs.


It looks like this drugstore is kind of the same! We have even found that the platform sells these medicines at a low cost. Seriously, such low-priced drugs may not be effective for your health. Thus, please be a bit careful and do not intake them.

Payment and Shipping

Currently, the pharmacy only accepts credit cards as a payment option. In case you have Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, you should be able to place an order with this pharmacy. Here’s a side note…we will never recommend you to purchase any kind of medicines from this pharmacy website. 


Once an order is placed, it takes 24-72 hours to process and arrange your medicines. After that, the order will be dispatched through either Standard delivery service or Expedited delivery service.

Delivery Timeline

For Standard delivery service, it will take 7 to 21 days to deliver your orders. Alternatively, you can also opt for Expedited delivery which takes 5 and 7 days to deliver an order.

Customer Reviews

This platform has not received any customer reviews. We have verified this through TrustPilot. No review or testimonial is posted about this pharmacy. There are no ratings as well.

no reviews


EdMedsCanada.com is surely a fraud pharmacy. Such platforms only attempt to deceive the customers. We will definitely like to caution you about this site. It’s operating without any approval.

We have rated it with just 1.5 stars.

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