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Welcome to our honest and unbiased review of This drugstore claims to offer you the lowest prices as well as fast delivery service. If you are wondering if this drugstore platform is safe and legit or if it’s worth your trust or not, then please check this review and reveal all the important details about this site.

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-11-20
Business Info
NameEU PharmaShop
Phone Numbers+1-888-243-74-06
Regulatory Bodies
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Details

This drugstore website is most probably originated in HK. As per the domain registrant’s contact info, the state and country are both mentioned as HK. There is an email address provided too, but we are quite unsure if the provided email address is correct or not.


Unfortunately, this pharmacy has no experience or expertise in the underlying industry. It has registered the domain only some months ago. As per WhoIs, this pharmacy has been registered on 2020-11-20.

The domain registrar’s name also seems to be vague. Taking into consideration all these factors, we must state that this drugstore is not a reliable one! It’s not experienced as such. Plus, its origin country and state belong to HK.

Business Profile

Just like the domain-related info, the business profile related info of this drugstore also seems to be vague. Unfortunately, the pharmacy has received a poor trust rating.


There are many other negative aspects of this internet drugstore that you must note too! First of all, the pharmacy has not shared the information like the organization name, owner name, and address publicly. All this information is redacted for privacy.

Secondly, the platform is just two months old and it has an average speed. The website setup is controlled and monitored from such a country that is already marked as a risky site. Due to all this info, this drugstore site does not seem to be worth your trust.

Regulatory Approvals

This drugstore site is a very newbie platform. You already know it, right! That’s why it has probably not yet been monitored by LegitScript.

low rating

LegitScript does not have any information about this site. It has been registered only a few months before and hence, LegitScript has not yet obtained all the details about this site.

Products and Pricing

The common categories of generic medicines can be purchased from this internet pharmacy. For example, you should be able to purchase the following types of medications, such as:

  • antiviral, antidiabetics, anti-allergy, antibiotics
  • blood pressure, cholesterol
  • general health, hair loss, heart disease
  • healthy bones, men’s health, skincare
  • sleep aid, weight loss, women’s health

These medicines are available at a very low price. Most of these medicines will cost you less than a dollar per pill. Since these are all generic drugs that are available at a very low price, please do not intake these pills. The quality of these medications is most probably poor and unsatisfactory.

Payment and Shipping

If you wish to purchase generic medicines from this drugstore website, then you can use two different payment options, such as credit cards and debit cards. If you have Visa and MasterCard, then you can make orders with this pharmacy site. Other payment options include SEPA, E-Checks, and crypto-transfers.


Most of the orders are dispatched through the Airmail shipping service. Free AirMail shipping service is available for orders of more than $200. Other than that, there is one more shipping service available – EMS or Express Mail Service. For EMS shipping service, a tracking number is provided too.

Delivery Timeline

For Airmail, the orders are delivered within 2-3 weeks. No online tracking facility is available for Airmail. If the order is delivered through EMS, the approximate delivery time will be 3-8 days. After a certain amount of order value, both of these two shipping services are provided for free! There are no shipping charges as such.


Customer Testimonials

This pharmacy website has maintained a fake testimonials page where all the manipulated customer reviews are posted. Please do not believe in these customer testimonials. These reviews will mislead you!


Conclusion isn’t a legit site! It’s registered only about a few months ago.

You must avoid such scams and untrustworthy drugstore websites always.

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