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Have you heard about Wondering if it is a legit online drugstore or whether you should place an order with this site? If yes, then please check this article to reveal a detailed and unbiased overview of this pharmacy. Starting from its domain and business profile to whether this drugstore has obtained any regulatory approvals or not, everything is covered in this review.

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-04-01
Business Info
NameHappy Family Store
Phone Numbers+1-888-243-74-06
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info is an absolutely newbie online drugstore. This drugstore has registered its domain very recently. For example, the domain registration date of this pharmacy is mentioned as 2020-04-01. Thus, you can clearly understand that the platform does not have much experience or expertise in the underlying industry.


The pharmacy has started operating its business very recently. The domain registrar name is mentioned as Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a Openprovider which seems to be fake. Note, the domain will be expired on 2021-04-01. It’s evident that the domain has relatively short longevity.

Note, it’s a common factor of the rogue online drugstores. They typically have short domain validity and this pharmacy website is no exception. The domain registrant contact details look misleading too. According to WhoIs, the domain registrant organization name is given as Whois Privacy Protection Foundation and it belongs to state: Zuid-Holland and country: NL.

Business Profile

Let’s now quickly take a look at the business profile details of this internet drugstore. We have obtained this info via ScamAdviser. We have found out that the platform has received a very mediocre trust score. For example, the platform has received a trust score of 51% which implies that the site is unreliable and untrustworthy. In case it would have been a legit drugstore, the pharmacy should have received a high trust rating from ScamAdviser. This online pharmacy has many negative details about its business profile that are summarized below.


First of all, it’s a newbie pharmacy with a very low reputation. Secondly, its owner is involved in suspicious activity. For example, the business owner is using a paid service to hide the identity. The key business profile info like the owner’s name and address are all redacted for privacy.

In addition to it, the possible country’s likelihood is not clearly mentioned. Rather, it looks like the site is operating from an unknown country and location. What’s more, the overall website speed is very slow and unresponsive at times.

Regulatory Approvals

In this section, you will know whether this drugstore has received any regulatory approvals or not. We have checked this via LegitScript. Based on the details that we have obtained via LegitScript, the pharmacy is marked as a rogue.


Note, this drugstore is engaged in the scam and deceptive business activities. Plus, it has failed to comply with the accepted safety standards of a reliable pharmacy.

Products and Pricing

There are different types of medicines that you can purchase from this online drugstore. For example, you can purchase the following types of medicines, such as:

  • antiviral, antibiotics
  • blood pressure, cholesterol, hair loss
  • men’s health, women’s health, and more

These are all generic medicines that are available at a low price. For example, the pricing of the medicines is less than a dollar per pill.

Payment and Shipping

You can place an order with this drugstore through both credit cards and debit cards. For example, you can use Visa and MasterCard to place orders with this drugstore. Other payment options are E-Checks, SEPA, and crypto-transfers.


There are two shipping policies using which the orders are dispatched, such as the Airmail standard shipping and EMS Courier Delivery. Note, the platform ensures free shipping on orders above $200.

Delivery Timeline

For EMS Courier Delivery, the delivery timeline is around 3-8 business days. For Airmail standard shipping, it takes 2-3 weeks to deliver an order. But, based on the actual address of the recipient, it may take more time to deliver an order.

Customer Testimonials

On the website of this rogue online pharmacy, there are many customer reviews posted. Unfortunately, these are all fake customer reviews which are randomly posted. Please do not trust these reviews.

might be fake

Conclusion isn’t a legit site. It’s operating a scam business.

We have rated it with 1.5 star.

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