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Whenever you order medicines online, first conduct due diligence on the pharmacy and then place the order. Today, we will help you conduct due diligence on one such pharmacy. We are speaking about Our article below will highlight every aspect of this pharmacy.

Domain Info
Registration Date2017-04-27
Business Info
NameEuropean Pharmacy Shop
Phone Numbers+1-800-490-06-18
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Company Information

The about us page of the pharmacy states that it has been around for seven years or more. It also says that it offers you hassle-free delivery and also a money-back policy.

about them

If you take these claims at face value, you will trust this pharmacy. However, it is essential to dig deeper into the claims and details of this pharmacy before trusting it.

Domain Details

According to the domain details, the domain was registered in 2017. On the homepage, it states that the pharmacy has experience of seven years. It means that the pharmacy has experience of close to 5 years.


It indicates that the claims made by the pharmacy on its home page are not entirely true. Consequently, you cannot take every claim of the pharmacy at face value. You have to verify every bit of information provided by the pharmacy before you trust it.

Business Profile

When you try to find the business information, it is not that easy to do so. It is because it uses privacy protection. It means that when you want to find out about the ownership information of this pharmacy, you won’t be able to do so.


Moreover, the pharmacy does not use an SSL certificate as well. It means that the company behind the pharmacy does not care much about the safety of the visitors. The pharmacy goes to great lengths to hide its information and does not provide a secure experience either.

Approval from Regulatory Agencies

NABP states that the pharmacy is not recommended. Apart from that, it does not produce any certification which states that any agency approves it.

not recommended

The FAQ page states that the medicines are approved by Indian FDA. However, the standards of the Indian FDA and US FDA are not the same. That is why it does not mean much.

Available Products

One thing you cannot ignore about this pharmacy is the number of medicines on offer.


There are numerous categories across which the medicines are available like:

  • Asthma, Anxiety, Antibiotic
  • Depression, Diabetes
  • Heart disease, Gastrointestinal

In each of these categories, you will find numerous medicines. That is why; it is really easy for you to find a suitable medicine when you go through the inventory of this pharmacy.


On the FAQ page of the pharmacy, it is clearly stated that the medicines are much more affordable as compared to the branded ones. It means that the pharmacy mostly sells generic medicines. Also, it states that the production is done offshore, and therefore the production cost is lower, and the resultant cost-benefit is transferred to the customer.

free pills

When you compare it with branded medicines, sure you can save some money. However, if you compare the cost of these medicines with other generic medicines, it is almost on an equal footing.

Payments and Deliveries

Credit Cards and Echecks are both accepted by the pharmacy. Also, it claims that it uses a trustworthy payment gateway. In terms of credit cards, it accepts Visa and American Express.


There are two options which you have for delivery. The first one is the Airmail. It is limited only to US customers. Airmail will usually take three weeks for the medicines to get delivered.

On the other hand, if you need medicines quickly, you can go with the EMS. However, even with the EMS, you will need to wait at least 7 business days for your medicines to arrive.

In both these cases, if you need medicines urgently or in the next couple of days, you won’t be able to order from this pharmacy.

Customer Feedback

Truth be told, there are numerous testimonials listed in the sidebar of the pharmacy and on the testimonials page as well.

may be fake

Before trusting these testimonials, you have to take a closer look. You will realize that there are testimonials ranging back from 2015 as well.

The pharmacy domain itself was registered in 2017. It indicates that the reviews might be fake altogether. That is why you shouldn’t trust the reviews of this pharmacy blindly.


There are too many red flags and want when it comes to this pharmacy. Even if you check third-party reviews, you will realize that there are many negative reviews. That is why this pharmacy can be a scam.

We can only give it one star out of five.

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