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Evo-Pharmacy.com is an e-commerce platform that sells medical products that help customers with a wide array of health conditions. The usual contact methods are available on this e-commerce drugstore such as phone numbers, a live chat, and also a contact form on its very own page. Additionally, if you have any queries about how this e-commerce platform works you can take a look at the FAQ section where you may find an answer to your questions. In this article, we are going to be analyzing the claims of this pharmacy website as well as the reliable information available about it to figure out if it is actually safe to use. 

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-05-10
Business Info
NameEVO Pharmacy
Phone Numbers+1-888-523-7141
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

The domain of this e-commerce drugstore was first registered on the 10th of May 2020 which as of writing this article happens to be the last time that this domain was updated. This domain is registered to expire on the 10th of May 2021 unless it is updated again. 


The age of this pharmaceutical website is not revealed anywhere on the e-commerce platform itself, on the ‘About Us’ page it even says that they are the most reliable drug manufacturer. This is very suspicious that warrants for you to be cautious. 

Business Profile

Although, this pharmacy website features phone numbers for the United States and the United Kingdom. According to reliable public databases, it says that the owners of this online drugstore are located in the city of Moscow in Russia


On Scam Adviser this e-pharmacy has a trust score of 1% which means that it poses a major safety risk to any potential customers. 

Regulatory Approval

Apart from that, we were not able to find any reliable information that proves that this e-commerce drugstore is a member of any well-known regulatory bodies such as CIPA, the CPA, or MIPA. This means that there is no third-party that keeps this online retailer in line, being a registered member of a pharmaceutical organization is required by law.


On Legit Script this e-commerce platform is defined as ‘rogue’ due to its purposeful untransparent actions that go against the safety standards that all pharmacy websites need to abide by. 

Products & Pricing

A total of 35 categories were present on this e-commerce pharmacy while we were writing this article, in these categories are separated all of the products for sale on this pharmaceutical platform. 

Best-Selling Products

Furthermore, a lot of the products for sale on this pharmacy website have an FDA badge, the FDA is a USA government organization that monitors the drug and food industries. However, there is no evidence that this e-pharmacy is actually FDA approved medication.

  • Antibiotics
  • Mental Illness
  • Eye Drop
  • Diabetes
  • Muscle Relaxant

Payment & Shipping

An array of different payment methods are offered on this pharmaceutical, to be precise there are three different options for you to choose from. There is the option of paying using credit cards from companies such as Mastercard, Visa, Diner’s Club, or JCB. Alternatively, there is the option of paying using ACH which allows for bank transfer payments. Finally, there is Bitcoin, however, it is not recommended as refunds are only possible with the permission of the receiver of the funds.


Only one shipping method was on offer, this so-called Trackable Service had a flat price of $30 and there was no information about how long it takes on average. On the ‘FAQ’ page it only said that the shipping times depend on where you live in the world.


There were a total of three genuine third-party reviews about this drugstore website. All of these reviews give a bad score to this online drugstore and also accuse it of being involved in fraudulent activities. This e-commerce platform also has a profile on TrustPilot however there are no reviews posted there.


A large number of testimonials are also located on the e-commerce drugstore, unlike the third-party feedback they happen to be very positive. Most likely these testimonials are created by the owners of this e-pharmacy to try and influence visitors.


To conclude, Evo-Pfharmacy.com uses fake certificates to mislead customers as whoever is behind this pharmacy website is hoping that the customers do not conduct any background checks. Every single e-pharmacy is legally required to be regulated by a third-party pharmaceutical organization in order to guarantee that they are following the law and protecting the customer’s rights. 

From the information about this e-commerce pharmacy, we will have to give a score of 1 star out of 5.

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