Reviews – Suspiciously Low Prices is a pharmacy website that specializes in the sale of generic medication with hundreds of products being available for sale on the website. Little is known about this pharmacy website, in this article, we are going to be analyzing the publicly available information and helping you decide if this site is safe to use.

Domain Info
Registration Date2019-07-25
Business Info
Phone Numbers+1-888-524-7141
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: rogue
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Domain Info

The domain for this online pharmacy was first registered on the 25th of July 2019 and last updated on the 9th of August 2019. Furthermore, the domain is set to expire on the 25th of July 2020.


This is a very short amount of time for a pharmaceutical website to be in business, and there is no information on the drugstore website itself about how long it has been in business which is very suspicious.

Business Profile

Public records show that this pharmacy website is registered in Moscow, Russia, and registered by an individual called Urvanov Dmitrii Mikhailovich.


Again this is very suspicious why a website registered in Russia is presenting itself as based in the United States by only offering a USA phone number and no information on the pharmaceutical website itself that says that they are located in Russia.

On ScamAdviser, this online pharmacy has a trust score of 64% due to the site being based on what is deemed as a high scam risk country.

Regulatory Approvals

Even though this site claims to service millions of customers when we checked the most popular pharmaceutical regulatory agencies such as MIPA, CIPA, and the CPA we were not able to find any records connected to this pharmacy website. On LegitScript, this drugstore website is labeled as ‘rogue‘ as it is not regulated as required by law.


Products & Pricing

Every single product for sale on this e-commerce platform comes with an ‘FDA approved’ badge, however, in reality, they offer no evidence to prove this and there is no evidence that shows that the medication that this drugstore website sells are approved by the FDA.


Best Features on This Platform

Moreover, a large part of all the drugs sold on this e-pharmacy come with massive discounts which are a common tactic used by scam online pharmacies to try and lure in customers.

  • Cholesterol, there is an array of pill-based products in this product section which help to prevent and treat the condition and thus lowering the risk of a stroke and heart attack.
  • Cancer, here customers can purchase drugs that help treat certain types of cancer as well as help patients cope with the side effects of cancer treatment which include nausea and vomiting.
  • Diabetes, oral-based medication is available in the diabetes section that helps to both prevent and treat various types of diabetes with the most common one being type 2 diabetes.
  • Birth Control, women also have access to a large number of pill-based contraception that minimizes the chances of female falling pregnant even if the male partner is not wearing contraception.
  • Mental Illness, medication for various mental illness conditions can be bought on this pharmacy website for illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and OCD.

Payment & Shipping

Two payment are supported on this drugstore website, the first way to pay is using credit cards from the leading processing companies such as Visa, Mastercard, Diner’s Club, and JCB. Customers are also able to pay using ACH which allows for quick and easy bank transfers.


There are also two shipping methods available, the first is the Standard shipping method which takes between 14 and 21 days. Then you have the Express shipping method which takes between 5 and 9 days to be fulfilled.


A small number of reviews are available about this pharmacy website on third-party review platforms, all of these third-party reviews are negative and give low scores of 1 star out of 5 while also accusing this online drugstore of being a scam.

might be fake

On the other hand, the testimonials that are hosted on the pharmacy platform are mostly positive but they cannot be trusted since they are located on the same platform that they are supposed to be reviewed fairly.


To conclude, has suspiciously low prices which are in fact a very big deal as a real business will not be able to turn a profit by offering such large discounts of 50% to 90%, such large discounts are likely displayed to attract customers who will likely never get the products that they paid for.

From all the information which we have analyzed about this e-commerce platform, we will have to give a score of 1.5 stars.

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