Reviews – Extremely Risky is allegedly the United States online drug store that offers quality work in drug distribution at an affordable price, customized for each client, worldwide. However, our investigation proves otherwise and terms it as a typical rogue online company. Here is detailed information about the pharmacy.

Domain Info
Registration Date2022-03-03
Business Info
NameGeneric Mate
AddressMumbai, India
Phone Numbers
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Domain Information

The active online pharmacy with professionals was first created in the year 2022/3/3, expires in 2023/3/3, and was recently updated in 2022/3/9, making it 247 days old, which is barely half a year. It is so unfortunate that many scam businesses do not last for more than a year. Furthermore, the owner’s information has been prohibited from access making it harder for any client to believe in it.


Business Profile

The rogue company, owned by Privacy Hero Inc has an active email address and fails to give further information about the website extremely malicious. We could not establish the correct business name in our investigation as it retains as its business name. Our recent research on ScamAdviser shows that this website may be extremely risky, even though it seems to be an active one.


Regulatory Approvals

A lot of legit active online pharmacies that are prospering in that field positively, have a characteristic of long-term existence in the market over the years, and openly provide their regulatory approvals, which are essential in ensuring that all the drugs sold online, are tested and well-verified for human usage. It is so unfortunate that bodies like CIPA, LegitScript, and NABP have enough proof of the drugstore’s failure to be approved, even though it claims to be registered, we are afraid the drugs are not tested and verified for human use may fail to effectively work, cause severe pain, heart attacks, or sudden death!

rogue status

Products and Pricing

The online pharmacy provides its clients with an easy shopping time through huge discounts, and free coupons, on the quality work it offers its target audience.


Similarly, products such as:

  • men’s health, asthma, anti-flu, anti-cancer
  • hepatitis C, brain tumor, and many more

tend to be extremely cheap at affordable popular prices. This is such a great way to term it as another typical risky rogue online business, that gives a hard time differentiating itself from the legit pharmacies that need you as their client.

Payment and Shipping

The pharmacy website has openly embraced the use of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Discovery but fails to give further information about shipping methods like standard airmail, and trackable services, which are highly essential. How exactly will you be able to make payments and not know how the product will be shipped? Sounds very scary, right? Yes, a great gesture of an active scam business, ready to steal your details. Furthermore, the free coupons being offered by the company, are not even active for usage.


Delivery Details

The products on this malicious pharmacy website have been given special attention, by professionals especially when you shop for orders above $199, you stand a chance of free secure delivery without contacting the courier which has not been specifically mentioned. We are confident to say, for a fact, that if you make any form of payment method to pay for products, there is a hundred percent chance of not getting the product delivered to your doorstep, or rather making returns. Honestly, a legit trusted pharmacy will give these details openly. Stay woke always.

free shipping


Reviews play a crucial role in the development of marketing strategies for a lot of online businesses, especially those that deal with drugs. You truly need to know how that specific product worked on previous buyers, or not. Unfortunately, reviews are at zero percent, according to our research on Trustpilot. That means that absolutely no one has bought products on the site.

no reviews

The company claims to have fantastic support from professionals but the reviews give a different perspective. Most online professional businesses do get amazing feedback from their clients after every purchase, proof of transparency, and a way of gaining trust from their target audience.

Conclusion stands at a great percentage of performing high-risk malicious business that has products that will be of great harm to your entire health upon intake.

Stay woke and avoid this harmful scam site!

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