Reviews – NABP Reported E-Pharm is a Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company, coming with a large guarantee of “cheap” medications – without sacrificing quality. They supposedly became established in 2009, marketing wholesale anti-cancer medication. Consistent with other e-pharmacy’s we’ve completed a thorough background search of this company and have included our findings in this article.

Domain Info
Registration Date2017-06-03
Business Info
NameFamily Medicine
Phone Numbers+91-8087707467
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Information

As this company proudly boasts of being both Indian-based and a well-established business, we wanted to first confirm or negate these details.


As for the first claim of being established in 2009, we can confirm that is falsified information. The company was first publicly registered on June 3rd, 2015. This means that either the company was operating without proper documentation for 6 years, or they falsified this information to appear to have been long established.

On the other hand, despite the majority of domain information being redacted for privacy (by an owner using a paid service), the location was set to be in Mumbai, India. This does confirm some transparency from this company.

Business Profile

In terms of a business profile, we consider the proper documentation of doctors, pharmacists, etc., to be of the utmost importance. Folks in these positions hold licenses to continue servicing the public. Transparent companies often display employee licensing numbers or at least give some intel on education, experience, etc.

In the case of this e-pharmacy, we were unable to find any properly documented information of any presently employed people.

At this point in our research, we often like to look at a third-party rating site like Scam Adviser. This is because, at this point, we have a general assumption over the legitimacy of a company, and looking into this information can help confirm or deny our speculations.

nabp reported

On Scam Adviser, this company has a score of 1/100. This score also comes with a warning from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. This e-pharmacy has been reported and is not recommended – confirming our present assumptions. A warning from a governing organization like the NABP should come as a stark message to potential customers.

Regulatory Approval

The next thing we look for on a company’s website is proper documentation of business licenses or proven regulatory practices. This will indicate the level of safety measures a company has in place, to confirm the quality of marketable products.


In the case of this e-pharmacy, we found no such documentation – merely claims of “FDA and WHO approved products”.

We then attempt to find documented business licenses on other platforms. We look into the MIPA, CPA, CIPA, and Legit Script. No such documentation was found on any of these websites, with this company having an approval status of “rogue” on Legit Script.

Products and Pricing

In terms of products, this e-pharmacy does carry and supply a vast multitude – many of which do supposedly come from brand name companies. They presently carry medications in more than 20 categories of illnesses, injuries, disease, etc.


Some of the categories include:

  • Antidepressants, Arthritis
  • Eye Care, Gastrointestinal
  • HCV Drugs
  • Hormones & Transgender
  • Neurological Health
  • Pain Relief, Weight Loss

On a positive note, this company does offer an immense amount of information on their available products. The pricing, dosage information, side effects, and ingredients are all included quite transparently. Most products even come with ratings for folks to look over – although not confirmed with a third-party site.

Payments and Shipping

Payment information is openly displayed for customers, with the following options of payment methods being available:

  • PayPal, Mastercard
  • Cirrus, Visa
  • Discover, Maestro
  • Western Union, Wire Transfer

As for shipping methods and rates, the company lists the following information:

  • EMS – 8-12 Working Days – $25.00
  • Registered Airmail – 12-17 Working Days – $15

This e-pharmacy also offers its customers free shipping on orders totaling over $350 (USD).


As mentioned, many of the products on this website do include customer ratings. However, we were, unfortunately, unable to corroborate these ratings on a third-party platform like Google, Yelp, or Facebook. Therefore, we’re unaware if they were submitted by a customer or merely added by the company to help endorse products.

1 review

On the popular rating, Trustpilot, this company presently has an overall rating of 3.7-stars. It’s important to note though, that this rating is only based upon a single rating. For a company supposedly established in 2009, you would assume there would be more available reviews.


To summarise, we’ve decided to give a rating of 1.5 stars. This is due to a lack of presented documentation, regulatory practices, the warning from the NABP, and more.

We do not presently feel comfortable recommending the use of this e-pharmacy.

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