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My Generic Store is a humble health store with much more than just a store. They guarantee to fulfill the health necessities of different illnesses and conditions at a much lower price. The quality of medicine and service is claimed to be India’s most trusted. Though this pharmacy seemed decent and legit, we still decided to undergo a review for customers to know why they are a considerable choice for medicine.

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Registration Date2017-07-03
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NameMy Generic Store
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Domain Info

GenMedicare is an online drugstore that distributes high-quality yet affordable medicines worldwide. They have a wide range of drugs to choose from and offer a lot of promos with them as well. We assessed the domain of this website and learned that it was registered last July 03, 2017, and will expire on the same date this year (2022).


The last update on the website was last November 26, 2021, indicating that they have been inactive for a while. However, they had almost five years of contract online is a good indication that they have been available for a long time.

Business Profile

This online pharmacy claims to help you look after your health by showcasing their standard medicines. They also promise to find the proper medications for any conditions for customers to find convenience and effectiveness. Upon running the website in Scam Adviser, we noticed that it had been labeled suspicious for a while.


The trust score was only 30/100, which is terrible for a pharmacy. Aside from possible scamming cases, this website may be reported as a scam because of its inactiveness. That’s the main reason why domain contracts are essential.

Regulatory Approvals

To see if an online pharmacy delivers the right and high-quality medicine, it should have a license and regulatory approvals from different certification sources. They claim that having FDA-approved products is not enough to be considered a fact. Hence, we assessed the platform for legitimate licenses. Sadly though, GenMedicare is not listed among the certified distributors of CIPA, which is a requirement for pharmacies.


Products and Pricing

Let’s evaluate this online drugstore’s claim to provide cheap and affordable medicines. As you may know, this website has a lot of drugs and categories to separate them from each other.


For example, they have medication for:

  • men’s and women’s health
  • acne, asthma, anti-cancer
  • malaria, antibiotics
  • skincare, hair loss
  • diabetics, hepatitis
  • blood pressure, weight loss, etc.

As you can see on their website, they offer a diabetics medicine called Amaryl for a price of $0.36 for every 1mg tablet. On the other hand, a 2mg tablet equates to $0.42. The price is really affordable and cheaper than on other websites. But the fact that they have no license makes them unconsiderable for trust.

Payment and Shipping

Upon adding a specific medicine to your cart, you can visit it for checkout. Then upon redirecting to the Guest Checkout section, you will find a fill-out paper for billing details, shipping method, which is only available for EMS/DHL, and medical condition, which we should further analyze later. Let’s proceed by scrolling below this part. You will see the payment method and details.

payment methods

If there’s something good about this website, it’s the fact that they are putting so much effort into the details and description. There are two options for their payment method:

  • Pay By Debit Card/Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer

They also give terms and conditions for customers to check their rights in purchasing.

Delivery Details

The billing details require customers to put their personal information that will be useful in delivering their order. This includes email, address, and name. They also need to fill out the medical condition section, which requires your physician’s name, telephone, and other considerations. As stated earlier, EMS/DHL is the only shipping method option and is charged $30 per delivery.

shipping rate


Unfortunately, we can’t consider the testimonials on the website as proof of their capabilities and excellence because they can be easily forged and edited. Hence we proceeded in seeing the thoughts on platforms like MyWot and TrustPilot. Though we couldn’t find a review at the first one, we collected 163 reviews from TrustPilot.

excellent rating

Overall, it states that GenMedicare is an excellent pharmacy with a rate of 4.5 by customers. Most customers share their good experiences and fast delivery regarding the website, and most of them are actually recent.


Upon conducting the review, it is evident that the website was flawed and had a lot of loopholes. First of all, it is about to expire, has no regulatory approvals, and has a low trust score. However, the fact that it was very detailed and many customers testify its legibility raises the quality of this website.

Hence, to end the assessment, we decided to give 2 stars.

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