Reviews – Great Place to Get Prescriptions is a Canadian pharmacy that covers a wide variety of health conditions. This pharmaceutical website works in a different way from most other drugstores in that it does not give customers the ability to pick out the medication for themselves. Instead, customers have to submit information about their symptoms as well as other information such as pre-existing health conditions which are then reviewed by health professionals employed by this pharmaceutical website. Then, following a detailed analysis, patients are offered the right medication for them along with a prescription. In this article, we are going to be showing our findings from the research that we have conducted into this e-commerce pharmacy.

Domain Info
Registration Date2015-08-08
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Phone Numbers+1-416-613-1270
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Domain Info

The domain of this drugstore website was first registered on the 8th of August 2015 and the last time that the domain has been updated has been on the 18th of July 2020. Furthermore, the domain is currently going to expire on the 8th of August 2022 unless the domain is not updated again. Based on the information available in the public databases, we are able to verify that this pharmaceutical website has been in business for over half a decade which offers a bit of peace of mind in terms of the reliability of this online retailer.


Business Profile

This drugstore website is registered by a company called Maple Corporation which is based on 355 Adelaide Street West, Suite 100 in Toronto, Canada. Additionally, the individual that has registered the website of this online drugstore is called Stuart Starr. From this information, we are able to see that in fact, it is true that this e-commerce drugstore is based in Canada. On ScamAdviser, this e-pharmacy has a trust score of 100% thanks to factors such as its high levels of website traffic and also its transparency.


Regulatory Approval

This e-commerce platform is an approved member of the NABP regulatory agency which is an international pharmaceutical body whose main aim is to protect the health of the public. Moreover, the e-pharmacy is also a registered issuer of valid prescriptions which shows that the drugstore website is following high-standards of service.


On LegitScript, there is currently no information about this online drugstore, it is not known why this pharmaceutical website is yet to be analyzed.

Products & Pricing

In order to purchase medication from this e-commerce drugstore, you need to have a working email address which is the first piece of private information that you need to enter. Furthermore, the online drugstore has been featured in a wide array of leading news publications such as CBC, The Globe, and Mail as well as the National Post.


This is a further piece of evidence that this online pharmacy is legit and that it has a fairly large number of customers.

  • Dermatology
  • Psychiatry
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychotherapy
  • Endocrinology

Payment & Shipping

Only safe payment methods such as credit, debit, and prepaid cards from Visa or Mastercard can be used on this online pharmacy.


Moreover, there are membership plans as well as credit packages that allow users to pay later. Customers from Canada may be able to have a part of their order covered by their health insurance. Deliveries from this pharmaceutical website are free and it tends to take between 2 and 5 business days, furthermore delivery in Canada is free while in other countries you will need to pay. Also, this online drugstore does not ship to all countries around the world.


A small number of reviews are available for this e-commerce website, however, what is interesting is that this pharmacy website has no profile page on Trustpilot which is the leading reliable review platform. Nearly all of the independent reviews about this online drugstore are positive and paint the e-pharmacy in a positive light. Some testimonials are located on the e-commerce pharmacy.



To conclude, is a great place to get prescriptions online, they make sure that all of the customers that use their online pharmacy are actually in need of the medication that they are requesting. Moreover, this e-commerce drugstore offers flexible payment options including credit payments that is not a feasible service that will be offered by fraudulent drugstore websites.

We will have to give a score of 3.5 stars out of 5.

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