Reviews – More Than Scam is a new drugstore company in Panama that allegedly believes in companionship with its target audience, unfortunately, turn out to be just another dangerous rogue online business. Here is a detailed review of this pharmacy.

Domain Info
Registration Date2022-07-01
Business Info
NameGet Your Meds
Phone Numbers+1-888-524-7141
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Information

The domain was first registered on 2022/07/01, expires on 2023/07/01, and was last updated on 2022/07/01, making it only 133 days old. By now a lot of you know many shady scam businesses do not last for more than a year. This is just another major characteristic of an active rogue online business that is ready to steal your personal information and hack or spam you. In addition, the information about this online pharmacy has been hidden from the public.


Business Profile

The drugstore does not have any other name according to our research and retains as its original business name with hidden registration that is shared by many other businesses of the same kind. Even though the company owns an SSL certificate, there is more to not believe in that. Our recent research on ScamAdviser shows that it is so unfortunate to be browsing or visiting this site in search of your products, as it is highly prohibited.


Regulatory Approvals

Regulatory approvals are very essential to an online business, especially when it comes to a pharmacy business as they assure the clients of how safe the drugs are through testing and verification. Trusted bodies for this particular job such as LegitScript, CIPA, and NABP, unfortunately, term this drugstore as not verified. This means any drugs being marketed on the site are unsafe for human consumption and have recently caused sudden deaths.

Products and Pricing

The non-tested and nonverified products that are available at this pharmacy range between $0.36 to $3.05 at a discount of between 20% and 33% off.


This a great way to lure you into purchasing the following products:

  • men’s health drugs, antibiotics, women’s health
  • skincare, antibacterial, birth control
  • hair loss, and weight loss, among many more

It is so fortunate that you will not be able to get to view these harmful drugs as the website pharmacy is not accessible at all. Furthermore, you get a warning from sites, of your details, are at a high risk of being stolen.

Payment and Shipping

The use of Visa, PayPal, or MasterCard has not been specified by the new scam pharmacy, thus letting the client have a wide range of options in using the commonly assumed payment methods which gives them an open window to explore their rogue business. In addition to this scary move, shipment methods such as trackable services and standard mail that are essential to any business have not been mentioned by the company. We are certain that once you purchase the products, there is a high percent chance of not receiving the products after making your payments. Stay woke from this rogue business!


Delivery Details

If the company fails to provide information about the shipping methods, then it is so unfortunate that delivery services such as free shipping and the use of coupons can never be available for usage on this malicious site. Our research confidently shows that this is just another dangerous ghost online business that has failed in maintaining a business protocol that online businesses must follow, to meet the needs of their clients to gain trust as well.



Reviews do play a crucial role in online business. You got to trust that as this is where you get to believe in a brand, and the product and services that it offers. Did you know that majority of online users carefully spend their quality time reading each review? Yes, that is confidently correct! The lack of any single feedback on this malicious drugstore is very alarming to the online community. According to TrustPilot, the company has 0% feedback from clients, quite an opposite of its main goal of being a companion to its clients. There can never be silent clients on these online streets in matters of drugs, to be specific.

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Any legit business strives to gain trust every day. Trust is an essential tool for increasing a brand’s legacy, especially when it is an online business. This is just another very new dangerous scam online business that we highly do not recommend!

Sorry to say, has all the valid reasons to fail on the trust level.

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