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Through pharmacies in North America, Europe, and Asia, offers you generic pharmaceuticals at a fraction of the price. It provides high-quality prescription drugs at rates up to 75% less than those in the United States to its devoted consumers. It can provide prescription drug discounts by working with pharmacies that adhere to strict online pharmacy store requirements.

Domain Info
Registration Date2012-11-26
LocationCzech Republic
Business Info
NameGlobal Pharmacy Plus
Phone Numbers1-855-475-7782
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Details

We have done a thorough search of the domain information at WhoIs and collected the following information. The domain of this web was registered on 2012-11-26 and updated on 2022-02-24. It is almost a 10-year-old website. According to WhoIs, the domain of this website expires on 2023-11-26. According to ScamAdviser, this website’s domain was registered many years ago. Scammers’ websites are frequently brand-new. However, you must exercise caution. Unfortunately, scammers can easily purchase some pre-existing or old websites to continue their fraud.


Business Profile

The company initially appears to be a trustworthy drugstore. This online pharmacy asserts that it provides the best medical products at reduced prices to those who demand them. Particularly with regard to their financial and private information, the drugstore assures its customers of the highest levels of protection and privacy. But unfortunately, the drugstore does not have a verified business address, it should be mentioned. That could be problematic for some folks. The website’s operator is keeping his identity a secret.


Regulatory Approvals

In most countries, a reputable pharmacy needs to obtain the required regulatory authorization in order to conduct business. But there is no paper trail establishing the legitimacy of this pharmacy. According to ScamAdviser, this online drugstore has a valid SSL Certificate which is used for data encryption between your computer and the website. But today there are various SSL certification levels available. But online scam experts can also purchase a free SSL certificate to start a fraud in the market. Moreover, it is far more difficult to trace this pharmacy’s regulatory paperwork because there is no clear origin of this drugstore. LegitScript hasn’t verified this online store.


Products and Pricing

Men’s and women’s health-related products are the focus of this online pharmacy.


They also market medications for the management of:

  • allergies, osteoporosis, psoriasis, acne,
  • birth control, acne, eczema
  • stop smoking, diabetes, and other conditions

The cost of the prescriptions at this pharmacy is significantly lower than what a client would pay at a pharmacy in the United States, and it is passed through to customers. It also provides its clients with high-quality prescription drugs at up to 75% off US costs. This pharmacy provides prescription drug discounts via pharmacies that adhere to rigid online drugstore requirements. To reward its devoted consumers, Global Pharmacy Plus fills very economical prescription drugs.

Payment and Shipping

Free shipping is available for purchases over $150 at this online pharmacy. When the product parcel leaves the delivering pharmacy, it is delivered to the customer. As the customer’s agent, Global Pharmacy Plus will arrange for the product to be shipped to the customer’s residential address. The average delivery time for the customer’s goods shipping is under 28 days.


The pharmacy is offering credit card and e-check options to customers for payment. An electronic and digital deposit system may process personal or paper checks.

Delivery Details

The online pharmacy is offering one of the most effective delivery assurances in the industry. If the wrong product is delivered to the consumer, the pharmacy will either supply the correct one at no additional cost to them or issue a full refund. After returning the incorrect item, customers don’t have to wait any longer than necessary to receive the correct one. As instructed, the incorrect product can be safely disposed of at a near available pharmacy.



Unfortunately, all of the online customer reviews that are placed on the website are fake and taken from many other relevant websites. This clearly shows that they are fake testimonials from fake customers who were only placed there to trap innocent customers. This proves this online pharmacy as a whole as being malicious!

fake rating


This pharmacy has been identified as a rogue operation by a regulatory authority because it has been linked to dubious websites with a similar design.

Therefore, it would be best to avoid this online pharmacy.

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