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GoGetRxOnline.com is an online pharmacy that specializes in selling drugs to treat impotence. Customers who order from the website are assured that the ordering process will be easy, confidential, and efficient thanks to this feature. We investigate this company so that you may gain a better understanding of its reliability and can then make a trading decision based on this knowledge.

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-08-17
Business Info
NameOnline Pharmacy
Phone Numbers+1-888-523-7141
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: Rogue
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Domain Information

On August 17, 2020, the website was registered, and on August 17, 2023, the registration will no longer be valid. The specifics were most recently revised on August 19th, 2022. This indicates that the pharmacy has been in business for longer than 2 years, which is a positive sign for the establishment’s standing in the community. The fact that the registration was just modified is another piece of evidence suggesting that it’s still operational.


Business Profile

Convenient health care is offered at this online pharmacy, and customers may feel confident that their prescriptions will be delivered in private.

privacy policy

They work hard to give customers adequate information regarding their wares. The filling of prescriptions is done by skilled professionals who, such as the rest of the employees, have undergone training to ensure that they provide quality service.

This company also provides an online consulting service as well as testing services for its clients. On the website of this pharmacy is a blog that aims to provide site users and customers with information regarding a variety of illnesses.

Regulatory Approvals

We have sought the assistance of LegitScript, a known regulatory platform, in order to increase our level of confidence in both the quality of their products and the website they use.

rogue status

LegitScript audited this online pharmacy and discovered that it needed to satisfy its criteria for verifying Internet pharmacies. In addition, LegitScript discovered that this online pharmacy website doesn’t meet the requirements for what constitutes a legitimate internet pharmacy. It does not adhere to accepted clinical and medical education criteria, like safety requirements, and it participates in business practices that are dishonest or misleading.

Products and Pricing

The online pharmacy aims to provide its customers with the most effective cognitive enhancers at affordable prices. If a client is dissatisfied with the medication for any reason, they have two weeks from the day it was delivered or picked up to return it in its original condition for either an exchange or a refund.

However, it has also been seen that, in most cases, the quality of pharmaceuticals could have been better in order to cut the price significantly. This is something that has been observed.


Therefore, make every effort not to jeopardize your life by purchasing and consuming low-cost medications of poor quality. Categories of products available on the website are:

  • Antimicrobials, Antiviral Drugs
  • Anvarol
  • Aids Pain, Sildenafil
  • Vardenafil, and Tadalafil

Payment and Shipping

The pharmacy does not make it easy for customers to understand the many payment options that are accessible to them. It merely states that a charge will be made to your card once your order has been validated and processed. We presume that you won’t become aware of the available payment choices until after your order has been accepted, at which point you will wish to complete the checkout process. Regrettably, it is difficult to determine whether or not the payment gateway offers a secure transaction environment. You can reach the customer service team via phone or email if you experience any issues with your order.



The online pharmacy has a number of favourable evaluations from delighted consumers. But it’s difficult to believe testimonials because they’re all positive, which is a warning sign because dishonest businesses typically operate in this way.

no reviews

Due to the fact that the profile for the company has not been claimed, Trustpilot does not include any reviews for it. This shows the pharmacy is unethical or is trying to silence its actual consumers’ voices.


It is a shady pharmacy due to the fact that it collaborates with untrustworthy nations and copies the layout of other questionable websites. Given the information shown above, it is not unreasonable to conclude that the website is an illegal scheme to defraud individuals of their money.

After giving it much thought, the most we can say about it is that it deserves 1 star.

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