Reviews – This One Stinks of Fraud is a scam, or at least that is what some of the evidence suggests. It sells medicine. It uses the internet to engage its customers. While the pharmacy’s services are designed to simplify access to drugs, there are too many questions surrounding its business, not only its origins but its current location and the source of its medicine. The company has made no effort to answer any of these questions, which is why it is so much easier to dismiss them as a scam.

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-10-10
Business Info
NameOnline Pharmacy
Phone Numbers+1-888-524-7141
Regulatory Bodies
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Details

The first bit of evidence that supports the suspicions surrounding this website is their domain age. They are just a month old. The domain was created on the 10th of October 2020 which means that, as of this moment, they are not even three months old.


This raises several red flags. First of all, the website makes claims which suggest that it is much older than the domain age shows. Those claims are designed to trick consumers into believing that the store has a lot of experience.

In other words, they keep lying. Secondly, they have reviews that were written long before the domain was created. This is another lie. Third, young websites cannot be trusted, not unless they present strong evidence supporting their claims, which this store has failed to do.

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ScamAdviser agrees that the store can’t be trusted, which is why it gave them a rating of 5 percent. While ScamAdviser’s ratings are not definitive, they give consumers a general idea of the trustworthiness of an internet pharmacy. The rating they gave this store shows you that they are more likely to defraud their customers.

low rating

Business Profile

Most pharmacies use their business profiles to show that they are legit. But this one has nothing to show. It doesn’t have any addresses that people can use to locate its offices. It doesn’t have any pictures of employees that can prove its claims that it uses qualified pharmacists.


You won’t find any significant contact information that you can use to determine their present location. Simply put, they don’t have anything. Even the owner’s identity is hidden. They are determined to operate in secret and that isn’t acceptable.

There are too many unanswered questions. When a website goes to such lengths to hide the details surrounding its business, you have to assume that they are up to no good. Why are they so determined to prevent people like you from investigating their practices.


They know that a closer look will reveal the rot hiding behind the scenes. Even though they are not a scam, you cannot trust that they have the tools and the knowledge to help you. As far as anyone can tell, they don’t have any pharmacists on staff.

This is the same company that doesn’t ask for prescriptions. It makes you wonder how you are expected to identify the right medicine to treat your disease.

Regulatory Authorization

This should have been the company’s saving grace. Even with all their problems, the presence of proper accreditation from a regulatory body would have made it easier to trust them. After all, regulatory bodies only certify drugstores after thoroughly vetting them. Unfortunately, they are not certified. LegitScript calls them ‘rogue’.


Available Products


Their catalog of medicine includes products that treat:

  • Cholesterol
  • Cancer
  • Hair Loss
  • Viral Infections

Payments and Deliveries

They claim to sell generic and branded items. However, their products are too cheap, which suggests that they only stock generic pills. As far as payments are concerned, you can use credit cards (Visa, Diners Club, AMEX, etc.) and Electronic Checks. They use trackable courier services to ship packages. It takes as many as 30 days for packages to reach consumers.



This is one of the platform’s biggest failings. It was created in October of 2020. And yet, it has chosen to publish reviews that were written in January of 2020. That doesn’t make sense. The reviews are obviously not real. You won’t find any reviews on other sites. This is bad for the platform because they cannot prove that they have customers of any kind.



After everything you have seen, you will agree that this internet drugstore deserves a rating of 1 star. We don’t recommend using their services.

Better choose another online pharmacy for your internet shopping.

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