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Have you heard about This drugstore has mentioned on its website that it sells high-quality Canadian medicines. From the first look at this website, we have found that the site mostly deals with men’s health-related medicines. If you are interested to find out if this pharmacy platform is a legit one or not, then please check the article below for all the info.

Domain Info
Registration Date2018-04-18
Business Info
NameCanada Drugs
Phone Numbers+1-800-715-5341
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: rogue
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

This online drugstore is operating for two years i.e. the domain registration date is provided as 2018-04-18. The registrar’s name seems to be a fake one. To be more precise, the domain registrar’s name is given as PakNIC (Private) Limited.


Well, this website has not shared much information about the domain registrant’s contact and its related details. All these details like the name, organization, street, city, phone, fax, and email are not disclosed. All this information is protected under GDPR.

Business Profile

After the domain details, we will now focus on the business profile information of this online drugstore platform. ScamAdviser has provided this pharmacy a very low trust rating.


When a pharmacy receives such a low trust rating, it clearly implies that the site is untrustworthy. Also note, the website owner is hiding his identity by using a paid service. All the key details like business profile name, organization name, and address are not disclosed. The website is just two years old. The website’s speed is pretty average, and its SSL certificate is invalid.

Regulatory Approvals

Will you now be interested in finding out whether this drugstore is legit or it’s a rogue one? For this, you can check our findings that we have consolidated in this section.

low rating

We have used a third-party regulatory agency website i.e. LegitScript in order to find out whether this drugstore has received any approvals or not.

Unfortunately, our findings prove that the pharmacy is running a deceptive business, and it’s a rogue. The website sells many types of poor-quality medicines. Please note that the quality of these medications is extremely poor. That’s why LegitScript has not approved this pharmacy. Instead, is marked as a rogue.

Products and Pricing

The website deals with several types of poor-quality medicines. If you want to purchase prescription medicines, this pharmacy will allow you to buy many varieties of generic pills. In addition to it, the drugstore sells men’s health and women’s health medicines. Unfortunately, all these drugs are generic pills.


The pricing of these medicines is very low i.e. most of these medicines are priced around $1-$2. Starting from allergies, antiviral birth control, and herbals to skincare, pain relief, weight loss, and all other commonly required medicines are available on this drugstore website.

Payment & Shipping

The platform allows you to purchase these generic medicines by using your credit cards. If you have any of these credit card types like AmEx, Visa, and E-Checks, then you should be able to buy medications from this platform.


On top of that, an e-check payment option is available too. This drugstore offers you two shipping methods. All the orders are dispatched through these two shipping policies.

The available two shipping policies are EMS shipping and Registered Airmail service. Both of these shipping methods have an estimated delivery timeline.

Delivery Timeline

The estimated delivery period is 5-7 business days for the EMS shipping policy. The estimated delivery period is 2-4 weeks for the Registered Airmail shipping policy. The delivery may take a bit longer on certain occasions.

Customer Testimonials

The website has a Testimonials page where you will find around seventeen customer comments. They are posted by different names. However, the review posting dates are not mentioned. That’s why you are requested not to ever trust these testimonials. These customer reviews seem to be all manipulated. Please do not trust these reviews ever.


Conclusion is operating just for two years! The platform is even marked as a rogue by LegitScript. The site has posted many manipulated and fake customer reviews. Due to all these factors, the website seems to be very unreliable and untrustworthy. We will recommend you completely avoid this pharmacy.

Please note that we have rated this drugstore with only 1 star.

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