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Are you looking for a review of HoneybeeHealth.com? Or, are you wondering if this platform is running a legitimate business or not? If yes, then I’ll request you to check this article for more info. Nowadays finding a reliable and legitimate online pharmacy has become a real tough job. That’s because most of these online drugstores are running a scam business. But, according to our findings, HoneybeeHealth.com is an exception. Certified by LegitScript, it seems to be a trustworthy and reliable internet pharmacy platform.

Domain Info
Registration Date2011-10-05
LocationUnited States
Business Info
NameHoneybee Health
Phone Numbers833-466-3979
Regulatory Bodies
LegitScriptStatus: certified
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

The domain info of this online drugstore indicates that it’s not a newbie. The platform is operating since 2011 and hence they have a long-standing history of running this business. The domain is registered on the date of 2011-10-05 and it’s registered via GoDaddy.com, LLC. The domain will be expired on 2029-10-05, as per the info shared on WhoIs.


Although the platform has a valid domain registration date and registrar name, it has not shared many details about its domain registrant contact. There are four things mentioned on WhoIs the state, country, email, and organization name of this drugstore platform. Note, the pharmacy is operating from California, US.

Business Profile

Are you now keen to know if this drugstore has a valid business profile info or not? Yes, it has! The pharmacy has a trust score of 100%. Such a high trust score means that the pharmacy is safe and reliable. They are not engaged in any risky business practices.


The business owner’s name is mentioned as Honeybee Health. But, the business organization name or the address details are not given properly. The only thing is mentioned which is the Country Likelihood. In this case, the possible country likelihood is the US. Note, we have got all of the business profile info of this online pharmacy via ScamAdviser.

Homepage and Website Interface

The homepage of this drugstore comes with an intriguing and interactive web interface. You can easily navigate to the available menu options. You can also find the available medications in this pharmacy’s database and compare the prices before placing your orders.

about them

Regulatory Approvals

This is surely one of the most important and essential aspects of this drugstore that you might be interested to know more! Isn’t it? Luckily for you, we have already conducted comprehensive research on it.


We have tried to find out if this online drugstore is certified or not? In case if it’s certified, which authority has provided it the regulatory approvals? Well, as per our findings, this drugstore platform has received the approval seal from LegitScript. LegitScript.com has marked this pharmacy as a safe and legit one based on various parameters.

In addition to it, the drugstore is compliant with HIPPA too. Note, this is a HIPAA-accredited pharmacy that holds a license to operate in 40 states in the US.

Products and Pricing

Honeybee pharmacy offers you a whole range of prescription drugs. If you are residing in the US and you are looking for prescription drugs at an affordable price, then this is one of the platforms where you can fulfill your needs.


Honeybee pharmacy claims that they sell all of their prescription drugs at a wholesale price. The pharmacy attempts to overcome the association of middlemen. In this way, they manage to keep their drug pricing as low as possible. At the same time, they always keep their drug quality as high as possible to meet the standards of LegitScript and HIPPA.

Payment and Shipping

You can easily place an order with this pharmacy by using any of your payment options. Specifically, credit cards and debit cards can be used to place your order.

credit cards

Once you have placed an order, there are two shipping options for you, such as USPS Standard delivery service and 2-day shipping service.

Delivery Timeline

For a 2-day shipping service, the orders are delivered in just two days. But, it comes with a shipping fee of $10. For the USPS Standard shipping service, the orders are delivered in seven-ten days. This service has no shipping fee.


Customer Reviews

The best part of this pharmacy is that it has received many customer reviews. For example, the site has received more than 2,800 customer reviews. These are all real-time testimonials and the overall rating of this drugstore is excellent.

excellent rating


With excellent customer reviews and LegitScript’s approval, HoneybeeHealth.com features to be a legit pharmacy.

We have rated it with 4.5 stars.

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