How Dangerous is Coronavirus?

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Coronavirus has now turned into an epidemic. Needless to say, people are worried about it. Sure enough, the media is portraying it as one of the most dangerous viruses ever to hit the earth. However, is that true? We will delve into the details of this topic today and also explore other issues related to coronavirus.

Where Did Virus Originate?

The virus is also known as COVID-19. It is believed to originate in one province of China. It got transmitted from the animal species to humans through consumption. The exact cause or the origin of the virus in animals is not yet known.

Since it is highly contagious, the virus was quick to spread among humans. Also, globalization helped to a certain extent in the spread of this virus. It is one of the reasons why it spread like wildfire.

How Dangerous is Coronavirus?

The mortality rate of regular flu is around 0.1%. However, the mortality rate of this virus is over 2.5%. In the case of aged individuals, the mortality rate is as high as 3.5%. It indicates that the mortality rate of this virus is on the higher side.


The problem is that the incubation period for this virus is 14 days. As a result, it is not easy to detect this virus before incubation. Moreover, it directly impacts the respiratory system. The impact is more on individuals already having respiratory problems or other ailments.

Since there is no direct cure for the virus, it is becoming difficult to treat the patients. Moreover, if the immunity system of the patient is on the lower side, it becomes challenging for doctors to tackle this disease. That is why; the mortality rate is consistently increasing.

In addition to the lack of treatment, there is no preventative vaccine for this virus as well. It is another problem. When you look at these issues, it is easy to understand why this virus is so dangerous.

How Does It Spread?

Most individuals are already aware that it is a contagious virus. However, the exact mechanism of the spread is not known to many. We would go into the details of this below.



One of the main ways in which it spreads is through the person to person contact. If a patient of coronavirus directly comes in contact with another human being, the spread is pretty fast. It can be something like sitting next to a virus-infected patient. That is why; isolation is one of the only ways to tackle coronavirus.


Even if the patient is not in contact with anyone else, uncovered sneeze or cough can spread the virus as well. So, the risk of this contracting virus is high in commonplaces and outdoors. Also, since the patient suffering from this virus has an ample quantity of virus in the respiratory system, a single sneeze or cough is more than enough to infect others around. That is why it is so risky.

Surface contact:


Another problem is that the virus can survive on various surfaces. It is especially true for metal surfaces. The virus can survive easily for 2 to 3 hours on surfaces like stainless steel, aluminum, and so on. It means that if the patient has come in contact with a surface, the virus would be present on that surface for 2-3 hours.

In that case, if any individual touches that surface, he/she is likely to get infected. While the other two modes of transmission are much more predictable, this one isn’t. So, it is tough to control the spread of the virus, and hence, the patients are isolated.

Is There Treatment For Virus?

The problem is that there is no direct treatment for the virus. Certainly not preventative.


As for treatment for severe cases, various governments all over the world are experimenting with hydroxychloroquine, which is a malaria drug and also used for patients who have rheumatoid arthritis. There is some anecdotal evidence that this drug might treat patients suffering from coronavirus. However, in the absence of clinical studies, there is no proof for the same. So, governments all over the world are going slow when it comes to the usage of this drug. However, it does show some promise. Other than this experimental drug use, there is no treatment for the virus.

How to Protect Yourself?

There are a few precautions that you can undertake to protect yourself from this virus. These precautions are:


Avoiding people with respiratory problems:

One of the main symptoms of coronavirus is respiratory problems. If anyone around you shows signs of such respiratory problems, it is best to avoid them.

☑ Wear gloves:

Often, the virus transmits through a surface or a handshake. That is why; wearing gloves is the best option for you. You have to change these gloves regularly.

Wash your hands frequently:

It is advised to wash your hands often with soap. You can also use sanitizer in the absence of soap. However, it is essential to wash hands regularly to kill the virus.

social distancing

Wearing a mask:

Whenever you’re heading outdoors, it is advisable to wear a surgical mask. It ensures that you do not inhale the virus. At the same time, even if someone sneezes in your vicinity, you are well protected if you’re wearing a proper mask.

Cook your food thoroughly:

The grocery supply chain is still pretty robust and active. However, you do not know who has come in contact with your meal. That is why you have to cook your food thoroughly. It will ensure that if any germs or virus is present in the food, you can kill them right away during the process of cooking.


Social distancing:

It is also a good idea to practice proper social distancing. You have to stay at least 3 feet away from another person. It will ensure that you do not come in contact with them.


Isolation is another way in which you can protect yourself from the coronavirus. Staying at your home and not coming in contact with other individuals is an excellent way to ensure that you do not come in contact with the virus either.

When you undertake these precautions, it is possible to avoid the virus altogether. You need to remember that the virus is highly contagious. That is why; you have to undertake these precautions regularly.


So, while we are suffering a pandemic in the form of coronavirus but taking a few precautions can help. At the same time, remaining isolated is the perfect solution. It will ensure that you do not come in contact with the other patients suffering from this ailment.

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