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Have you already heard about You may not; as this pharmacy platform is a newbie. Now, irrespective of whether you have heard about this drugstore website or not, we are going to share a full review of this platform. Definitely, this seems to be an inexperienced, untrustworthy, and unreliable drugstore that is probably aimed to deceive the customers. For more details about this platform, kindly have a look at the below sections.

Domain Info
Registration Date2020-02-14
LocationUS, Switzerland
Business Info
Phone Numbers+1-866-877-11-87
Regulatory Bodies
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Free Shipping

Domain Info

This is a very newbie online drugstore that is running their business for just a few days. Based on the domain registration date that we have obtained via, it’s mentioned that the domain has been registered on 2020-02-14. Whereas, in the About Us section, they have claimed they have been into this business for 12 years. So, you can clearly understand that this claim is a blatant lie.


The pharmacy does not have any experience in this underlying industry. The domain will be expired on 2025-02-14. All other domain-related details are fake. For example, the domain registrant’s name is mentioned as Epik Inc which is ambiguous.

The domain registrant contact name or organization name is also fake. On, it’s mentioned that the drugstore’s domain registrant is operating from the following address – Street: 704 228th Ave NE, city: Sammamish, state: WA, postal code: 98074, country: US. The domain registrant contact address must be bogus and fake.

Business Profile

We will now take a closer look at the business profile details of this online pharmacy. The drugstore has got such a terrible trust score! Unfortunately, it has got a low trust rating of 3% which is one of the lowest possible trust scores that ScamAdsiver has ever provided.


Such a low trust rating implies that the site may not be safe to use. There are a total of five negative aspects which are related to the business profile info of this drugstore.

  • The server of this online drugstore is related to a high-risk country
  • This online drugstore has no SSL certificate
  • This website is 15 days old
  • Their business profile name and organization name are fake

The drugstore has not clearly mentioned its possible country likelihood. But, it’s probable that the site is operating from either the United States, Switzerland, or Germany.

Regulatory Approvals

Do you now want to find out if this drugstore has received any regulatory approvals or not? For this, we have taken the assistance of LegitScript. Based on the info that we have received, this drugstore has not received any approvals by LegitScript. Since this is a very new online pharmacy that has started operating their business only a few days ago, LegitScript does not have any info about this drugstore.

low trust

Products and Pricing

This pharmacy specializes in selling generic medicines. One of their major drug categories includes men’s health-related drugs. These drugs are mentioned to be of very high quality. But, we definitely doubt this fact. These medicines seem to be counterfeit and their quality isn’t suitable for your overall health.


Speaking of the pricing of these generic medicines, they do come at a low price tag. Most of the cases, we have found that these drugs come at a price tag of less than $1. We believe that the ingredients of these medicines may be quite low quality and that’s why you are not recommended to purchase or intake these drugs ever.

Payment and Shipping

The pharmacy has the following payment method – payment by a credit card. There are two shipping policies using which the orders are dispatched, such as Express International Mail and Standard International Airmail. The shipping rate for Express International Mail is $30 and the shipping rate for Standard International Airmail is $10.


Delivery Timeline

For Standard International Airmail, the estimated delivery timeline is 10-21 days after dispatch. Now, for Express International Mail, it ensures a faster delivery where the estimated delivery timeline is 5-9 days after dispatch.

Customer Reviews

On TrustPilot, there are no customer reviews for The overall trust rating for this drugstore platform is zero. Since this drugstore has no real-time feedback, it doesn’t seem to be reliable enough.

no reviews

Conclusion does not seem to be a legit pharmacy. They are operating for a few days (as of now). They are not approved by LegitScript.

We have given it a 1-star rating.

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